Opinion: Why Won’t These Black and Brown People Just Assimilate?

I want to begin this piece with a revelation: Martin Luther King, Jr. didn’t focus on the American Negro assimilating into western culture or society; in fact, King feared that he was “integrating” his people into a burning house”. It’s amazing how only twenty five percent of white Americans have relationships with non-white people, outside of work or certain occasions, but somehow, want these non-white people to integrate in their “culture”. They’re asking people to do something they’re not willing to do.

White Americans are not asking every culture to assimilate though. You don’t see them kicking and screaming for other “white” cultures like Italians, Irish, Germans, Australians, etc. to assimilate to “American” culture. They don’t even complain that British people come to America and cherish speaking the “Queen’s English” over American English. They also don’t seem very offended by most Asians refusing to assimilate into their culture. Maybe Asians make them feel inadequate or less “supreme” because of the “smart” stereotypes they’ve tagged them with. But they make up for any intellectual inadequacy or inferiority with Asians by openly mocking them the most of all ethnic groups in America.

It seems that white Americans have the most problem with Black and Brown people who don’t embrace assimilation. Unlike with Asians, the stereotypes they’ve cemented on African-Americans, Native Americans, Latinos, and other dark-skinned peoples, doesn’t make them feel inadequate or inferior intellectually. So, if these people just assimilate into western culture, it would make white Americans so much more comfortable with them performing menial jobs in their homes and businesses. These people languages and cultures make white Americans very uncomfortable. African-Americans have even made a rigid and coarse Germanic language more cool, creative, and fun! Much of what white people call slang, gibberish, and even Ebonics, when spoken by African-Americans, soon become part of the American English lexicon. You don’t believe me? Just watch your local or nightly news broadcast tonight and listen closely. You can hear it 24/7 now with 24/7 news channels. Do you see what I just did there?

So please white people, stop wanting for dark-skinned Americans or immigrants to assimilate into western culture in order to make you feel more comfortable for the very limited time you spend with them. The western cultures and languages are very boring, bland, and lacks creativity. Stop demanding that other cultures speak English like Tom Brokaw recently did. Does it make you feel a inadequate that many of these people you’re demanding speak English, oftentimes speaks multiple languages, and you only speak one, and oftentimes it’s broken.

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