Opinion: HEY COPS: While You’re Busy Killing Black Men, White Men Are Gunning You Down One by One

I’m not going to bore you with a bunch of governmental statistics about how many cops are killed by white men. In fact, governmental statistics aren’t even tracked for police involved shootings or killings. So, I’m not sure if the government even tracks how many cops are killed by white men, or anyone else for that matter. Also, I feel that I shouldn’t have to quote a bunch of statistics for something that is so obvious by simply following the news on any outlet.

If you decide to search the internet for written articles on this subject, have some patience because there’s just not that much out there on the topic of the majority of cop killings being by white men. I found this interesting article from 2016. As this article suggests, if 71% of cop killings were by Black or Latino men, there would be no problem finding written articles all over the internet. But instead, 71% of cop killings are done by white men.

Another astounding fact about these white men killing cops, is that so many of them live to talk about it; as discussed in this article. It is simply another form of white privilege. As Black people, we already know that if the perpetrator was apprehended instead of killed, it is highly likely that the perpetrator is a white person. We know as Black people, anything in your hands constitutes as a deadly weapon in the eyes of cops. Black people will have to start cutting their fingernails because police departments across the country will start calling them deadly weapons before long.

We must remember the origin of police. Police were formed in America to protect people and property. We also must remember that Black people were nothing more than property in this country not so long ago. It was the job of the police to return this property if it was stolen or ran away. The U.S. government has tried to annihilate Black men for centuries. The government did everything from sanctioning lynchings, to inundating Black communities with drugs. It’s amazing how so many of their tactics have backfired on their own race, including 71% of cop killings being done by the hands of white men. Karma is a mother <shut your mouth>.

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