Opinion: Adjusting Your Child’s Diet Could Get Him Out of the Autism Classroom!

“I just don’t remember kids having autism and all these behavior issues when I was in school.” Have you ever said this or know someone who has? Well, that statement could be factual, and the explanation may be explained by looking no further than our dinner tables, school cafeterias, and kid’s lunchboxes. Over the last thirty years, American foods have been loaded with preservatives, added sugars, GMOs, artificial colors and flavors, etc. Try finding condiments, drinks, and many foods without the addictive high fructose corn syrup (which is banned in most European countries).

Mostly gone are the days of fresh foods and daily trips to the farmers market for most American families. Urban communities are especially vulnerable to these unhealthy diets because many of these communities are in food deserts and residents must depend on corners stores for grocery shopping. As a former educator, I watched students heads quickly swivel in the direction of the sound of a plastic bag being opened throughout the day. You can bet that whatever food that is in that plastic bag is filled with everything they shouldn’t be eating; however, most of these students are addicted to this stuff.

Studies have directly linked eating these unhealthy foods to autism and some behavioral issues in children. Also, women can significantly reduce the odds of her child developing autism by eating healthy, maintaining a healthy weight, and exercising regularly prior to ever becoming pregnant. But, for those of you who already have children diagnosed with autism or have behavior challenges, here are some handy charts and other information to help you get started. Yes, you can possibly get your child out of the autism classroom or some other contained or self-contained classroom and into the general/regular classroom in time for the start of next school year!

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