Opinion: So, What’s Really Going on With All the Mixed-Race Couple Commercials

Don’t act like you don’t see all these mixed-race couple commercials on television. Do you remember the Cheerios commercial back in 2013 with the white mother, bi-racial daughter, and Black father lying on the couch asleep? Do you remember that YouTube had to shut down the comments for that commercial due to the vile racist comments (mostly against the Black father)? This is peculiar because mixed-race commercials had been shown on American television since around 1980. YouTube had been around since 2005. What was so different in American since 1980, 2005, and 2013 when the commercial aired, that caused so much racist outrage over that mixed-race commercial in America? Oh damn, I know- America had elected its first Black president to a second term.

It seems that Europe is being inundated with these commercials too. It looks like many white Europeans believe that these commercials are propaganda to make white men look dumb and weak and normalize open relationships between white women and non-white men. Many white Europeans believe that these commercials are also designed to eradicate the white race. But what about here in America? Companies and advertisers here in America claim the commercials are intended to promote inclusion and diversity and reflect the actual changing face of America. Do you buy that? Or, do you believe there is a more sinister motive behind these fast-growing commercials?

What I can tell you from my research is most white people here in America who hate these commercials tend to believe much of what I mentioned above about what white Europeans believe about the intentions of these commercials. I couldn’t find much research on what a large sample of non-white Europeans thought about these commercials. However, I had no problem finding out what many Black Americans think of these commercials. Black Americans tend to approach these commercials like we do with so many other things that are written, produced, directed, and created by white people- with a whole lot of cynicism. Most Black people I talk to on the subject don’t trust these commercials and are very uneasy with them. But they can’t quite put their finger on why they feel so uneasy about these commercials. But there’s one thing nearly all of them believe: white supremacy or white privilege is at the hearth of these commercials.

One change I’ve noticed with these commercials is that they started out predominately showcasing Black men/white women relationships, and more recently have predominately showcased Black women/white men relationships. In my research of this change, I learned that advertisers said that research shows that white people are more comfortable with white men being the husbands of Black women and they are uncomfortable with Black men being the husbands of white women. They even suggest that the turn of the 20th century movie Birth of a Nation has had a lasting effect in the psyche of white people when it comes to Black men/white women encounters. I will admit, I haven’t absolutely figured out a definitive agenda behind these fast-growing commercials. However, like most Black people I’ve spoken with on the subject, I think these commercials have little to do with inclusion and diversity. My homeboy from Atlanta, rapper T.I., recently said he believes the R. Kelly and Michael Jackson controversies are partly about destroying Black culture in America. I agree with T.I. I’m also leaning toward these commercials having something to do with Black culture, and not in a good or positive way.

5 thoughts on “Opinion: So, What’s Really Going on With All the Mixed-Race Couple Commercials

  1. It is a known fact that white women just cannot leave Black men alone and it makes no difference if they are rich or poor. I know because my own son cannot leave them alone even as he gets thrown in jail on bogus charges of ‘trespassing’ because they call the police on him whenever they get so inclined. We have stopped bailing him out; that is my ex-husband, myself and his grandmother because we cannot get through to him.

    As for the plethora of ads touting the Black woman/white male scenario, that just makes my blood boil because to me, it is just another advertisement for the slave mentality of the Black woman in the cabin being visited by the slave owner or his sons. The Black female body has always been objectified and I do believe that those ads continue that objectification. Another well known fact is that Black women were not as down with the swirl as Black men are and advertising is well known for using subtle means of persuasion or in other words, employs subliminal images to influence the viewer unconsciously. It is ALL done by design and I am having none of it.

    Great post!

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  2. I think to Shelby was correct when she stated that Black women were not into the race mixing as were Black men. The subliminal message that is being sent is that this practice is acceptable. The target audience is young Black females.

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