Opinion: How Does Forbes Know Trump’s Net Worth, But the U.S. Congress Doesn’t?

Either Forbes magazine list of billionaires is a bogus piece of crap, or that magazine has more pull than congress. I’m not sure how Forbes come up with their numbers, but I would think they asks these billionaire candidates for official government documents (like tax returns} as some proof of their billionaire status. I would hope that they wouldn’t simply take these people words for what they’re worth. If they did that, Trump would say he’s worth $6 Zillion.

Really, I’m not trying to be funny with this piece. I really would like to know the methodology Forbes utilize to determine the net worth of these billionaires. Maybe it’s right on the page somewhere and I missed it. I just want to know if Trump showed them his taxes and that is how they determined that he is worth over $3 billion. Look, I find it very difficult to trust most stuff produced, directed, or created by much of main stream media or main stream publications. But I believe these “lists” that Forbes publish every year has power in how financial institutions and other public and private people deal with these people who appear on these lists published by Forbes every year.

I understand that there are several other ways to secure certain financial information on corporations and other business entities without actual tax documents. But, in order to truly know someone’s “net” worth, you must have access to their tax documents. Net worth simply equals all your assets minus all your liabilities. People, especially some egotistical rich people, generally have no problem showing someone their assets. On the other hand, these same people may have a problem showing someone all their liabilities.

Maybe I’m overlooking the obvious because I’m so interested in seeing Trump’s taxes because I believe the guy’s net worth is actually in the tank. I don’t think the guy is worth the oversized suits and ties he wears. His entire persona is built on being a rich guy and his narcissism drives him to guard that persona with his life. Like so many other privileged white men, I believe that Trump live on borrowed, dirty money. Like Paul Manafort and some of Trump’s other henchmen, they are one white-collar crime trial away from bankruptcy.

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