Opinion: You’re the Fool for Calling Someone an April Fool

When celebrating a holiday or celebration that originated in the western-world or by Anglo-Saxons, please understand that there is probably a weird, unnatural, twisted or demonic basis to it. April Fool’s Day is no different. For centuries, or since the beginning of time, the new year was celebrated and accepted to be on or around the first day of April. Likewise, the Julian calendar was the accepted calendar throughout the world. However, the Julian calendar and the first of April did not fit the commercialization of white celebrations and holidays. So came the Gregorian calendar and celebrating the new year on the first of January.

Nothing in nature is born or renewed where white people have dwelled in over two-thousand years on the first of January. In the northern hemisphere, almost everything is dead or dying at the beginning of January. So, why in hell would anyone celebrate newness when everything is dying? In the northern hemisphere in late March and early April, so many things in nature are being born or renewed. Yet, to these people, that isn’t significant because they see huge monetary potential commercializing holidays from late October (Halloween- a Pegan holiday) to mid-February (Valentine’s day-a Zionist celebration).

So, enough already with this April Fools nonsense. If you believe in it, then you’re the fool for calling someone an April Fool because they believe the new year begins on or around April first. Here’s a suggestion, if you believe that the new year begins on or around April first, when someone calls you an April’s Fool, call them a January Fool. Or, to be more precise, call them a Gregorian Calendar Fool while walking them outdoors so they can see all the new life that Nature is making happen before their eyes.

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