Opinion: Megan McCain Is the Conscience of Very Angry, Obama Hating, Racist American White People

So, this morning as I sat in a building waiting on service, the television in the waiting room was tuned to the local ABC affiliate and The View was airing. As I listened to the show, Abby Huntsman (the other conservative co-host along with Megan McCain) pointed out “during a discussion on a report claiming 25 officials within the White House were given security clearances despite being “denied” or not being worthy of them.” Huntsman pointed out how Republicans are not up in arms about this and the hypocrisy of how Republicans would react if it was the Obama White House. Soon after Huntsman pointed this out, Joy Behar (one of the more Liberal co-hosts) pointed out that the Obama was scandal-free. Well, that comment by Behar sent McCain into a fury.

McCain yelled, “And none of this happened in the Obama — the minute people say if this was Obama. Nothing like this even remotely close ever happened in that administration. Completely scandal-free!” she gushed.

Meghan McCain started cracking up, which prompted Behar to ask, “Do you know a scandal? Can you name a scandal?” McCain declined, saying she didn’t want to get in an argument. But after Behar kept pressing, she dove right in.

“The Iran deal. Number one. I mean, billions of dollars in unmarked bills in the middle of the night given to Iran,” she began.

“That was their money!” Behar countered. McCain kept deflecting, getting back to the topic of conversation when co-host Ana Navarro stepped in to defend Obama.

“I’ll give you an Obama scandal. He wore a tan suit. Michelle showed her arms. And he ate Grey Poupon! That’s it!” she gushed.

Here is the deal, Megan McCain represents the frustrations of most white women and white men in America. Two of those frustrations are how Barack Obama led a scandal-free administration for eight years and how Michelle Obama one of the most (if not the most) graceful First Ladies in American history. On the contrary, we currently have a narcissistic, racist, xenophobic, intellectually incurious, misogynistic, accused rapist, adulterer, man-child for president and a lying, plagiarizing, porn model for First Lady.

The Obamas made true a great fear that many white people have always had. That fear was that if given a chance in the highest levels in American institutions, Black people would run circles around them with grace, dignity, and intelligence. The Trumps made true of what many white people has always known about themselves: they excel mostly on white privilege and institutional racism. It explains their pure hatred of the Obamas. So much so, that they elected such a vile specimen to the presidency with what amounts to a groupie as First Lady to show us Blacks how pissed they are. Now suddenly, these white people look down on intelligent, faithful men and intelligent, graceful women (what the Obamas represents). The only other times I’ve seen this level of anger in these types of white people is when they believe some Black person has gotten away with crime in the American judicial system.

So, Megan McCain is representing these types of white people at the table of The View daily. Therefore, the producers won’t get rid of her. I’m not going to disparage her deceased father, but John McCain and the state of Arizona was the last holdout on getting on board with the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. So, as a Black man, John McCain meant nothing to me after that.

The View itself is a daily visual representation of white privilege. You have an older Black woman as the main or moderating co-host who’s been on the show forever and waited her time to have that position and who is an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony) performer/comedian/actress (Whoopie Goldberg); you also have a proud Italian-American, legendary comedian and television personality in her own right (Joy Behar); next, you have an Afro-Hispanic attorney and former federal prosecutor (Sunny Hostin) all of whom appear to be Liberal or Left leaning. Then you have the other two white co-hosts who are the daughters of politicians and self-proclaimed conservative Republicans. Abby Huntsman is the daughter of current U.S. Ambassador to Russia (John Huntsman) and Megan McCain is the daughter of the late Senator from Arizona (John McCain). White privilege at its finest. Here’s a story and video about McCain’s outrage on The View this morning.

One thought on “Opinion: Megan McCain Is the Conscience of Very Angry, Obama Hating, Racist American White People

  1. I don’t watch The View, so I wasn’t familiar with this clip, but I wasn’t surprised. That conversation perfectly encapsulates the hidden thoughts of the dominant society. I remember when Obama got elected, a bunch of white people in my age group (I was in college at the time) freaked out and threw a bunch of dog whistle terms around about how America was going to crumble even though it obviously never happened. I’m not defending Obama, but we can all agree that these racist fears were unfounded.

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