Toxic Waste From Across the Country Dumped in Poor, Black, Rural Communities

The Most Revolutionary Act

A small group of people can make a lot of money when they find a poor rural community, take advantage those people and turn their farming land into a dumping ground. Politicians are poisoning and selling out the people to corporations so they can have somewhere cheap and far away to dump their toxic waste.

The extreme poverty of Alabama makes it a perfect location for unscrupulous dumping, with toxic waste from across the country brought in to the state and dumped for as little as $1 a ton. Alabama has a total of 173 operational landfills, more than three times as many as New York, a state with a population four times larger than Alabama. California has just a handful more landfills than Alabama even though the state is three times larger than Alabama and has eight times the population.

Alabama has a stark racial disparity in terms of…

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