Opinion: Have You Had Just About Enough of All This Blatant White Privilege

From white people verbally and physically assaulting cops and living to talk about it, to rich white people getting busted cheating to get their kids into college, to school districts around the country “whitewashing” history and history books, to the mainstream media painting violent white criminals as angels, have you had just about enough of all this blatant white privilege?

In my opinion, all this blatant white privilege is not by mistake or happenstance. In fact, I believe it’s by design. I also believe it’s working. Black people have voiced outrage and disgust over the fact that the Trump administration has ignored the three Black church burnings in Louisiana but is sending money to help rebuild the burned Notre Dame Cathedral in Rome, Italy. For me, this begs the question, why do Black Americans expect anything out of Trump’s administration other than racism. Trump learned very early on that the more he ignored the causes and concerns of Black people, disparaged Black women and Black athletes, the more his white, racist cult followers loved him.

White people have become accustomed to ignoring Black issues in America, especially if the issue reminds them of more than four-hundred years of slavery, Jim Crow, institutional racism, etc. White people burning Black churches in America was a common occurrence just sixty years ago and those recent three Black church burnings in Louisiana reopened some ugly American wounds. It wasn’t only Trump who didn’t send money or support to the Black church leaders in Louisiana but plans to send money to the Notre Dame Cathedral, this was also the action of most white Americans as well (no matter their political background).

It’s not just his cult followers (better known as his political base), Trump’s actions of blatant white privilege are influencing white Americans from all political backgrounds. Mainstream news outlets have never covered Black issues in any real depth, but in the past few years, mainstream news outlets have become obvious and unapologetic in their lack of in-depth coverage of black issues and concerns. Because of all this, white people are becoming more comfortable with their white privilege and it’s time for us to get back to making them terribly uncomfortable by constantly reminding them of slavery, Jim Crow, institutional racism, and everything else that has given them a four-hundred-year white privilege head start and they still have to game the system in order to beat or compete with us.

Don’t adjust your television set. Yes, you are seeing a growing number of white millennial women daytime television co-hosts whose only credential is their white privilege of being born to high-level political fathers. Please see Jenna Bush, Meghan McCain, and Abby Huntsman (I’m sure there are others). No, don’t adjust your television set; yes, you are witnessing white men committing all types of crimes in broad daylight and totally getting away with the crimes or getting a slap on the wrist. The chairs once reserved for Black analysts and commentators on CNN and MSNBC during the Obama campaigns and presidency, has grown almost completely white in less than three years. They couldn’t wait to get those blackies out there. Don’t adjust your television set; yes, white liberal/progressive television networks, channels, programs, personalities, etc. are pretending that Black voters don’t matter and don’t absolutely own the Democratic party. I’m starting to believe that white liberals/progressives rather lose to conservatives than give Black Democrats their due respect. In fact, in part because of their own internal bickering and naivety, we have the current douche bag in the white house. So, until they undo that screw up with impeachment or a successful election, hold all these so-called liberal/progressive white people suspect by paying no attention to their words, little attention to their actions, and all attention to their patterns and you might discover that most of them enjoy and embrace their white privilege more than they care about your Black ass or doing what’s right for the nation.

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