Study Shows and Confirms That White Liberals Simplify Their Speech When Talking To African Americans

Wow BW, I can’t believe “sophisticated” and “vernacular” are part of your lexicon! Oops, I meant to say “language”, not “lexicon”.


Source: Washington Times

Have you (black folks) ever had a white person, likely a Democrat, a liberal, a left winger, etc., speak to you and it seemed like he or she has changed their talk using smaller words? Instead of hearing something like “marvelous” or “stupendous”, they say “good” or “great”. It turns out that’s a form of racial codeswitching, they dumb-down their conversations and speeches when talking to African Americans. And there’s a study that proves it. You can read it here.

The study was conducted over researching 25 years of white presidents giving speeches to predominantly black audiences and predominantly white audiences. The results show that white liberal politicians tend to simplify their language speak. Instead of using words of college levels or higher, they dial it back when speaking to black folks.

The study calls it “competence downshifting”.

It’s not just about politicians. The study suggests…

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