Opinion: If Elected Democrats Are Afraid to Impeach Trump, They’ve Already Lost 2020

With Robert Mueller laying the full argument and invitation for democrats to easily impeach Trump, if Nancy Pelosi and the other House democrat leadership can’t find it in themselves to impeach Trump for obstruction of justice, there’s no doubt that they have already lost the 2020 elections. Robert Mueller basically beat Trump down to the ground with his four hundred plus page report he released last week. Keep in mind, Mueller is a republican. If white America want to reelect this narcissistic criminal after all this, then the country deserves all the degradation and smut of his first term, and double that in his second term.

If the elected democrats feel that in about eighteen months, they can’t defeat the wounded dog that is Donald Trump because they impeached him or attempted to impeach him, then they deserve to lose both houses of congress and the white house. How will Pelosi explain to African Americans (the democrat party base) how she decided to ignore all the criminal activity of Trump when nearly every Black person in America can claim at least one relative who’s locked up behind bars erroneously and or unjustly. Stop trying to bamboozle us with comparing this to the Clinton impeachment. News flash, we are smart enough to know that these are two completely different situations and in completely different times.

I have voted in all federal and local elections for almost thirty years. I’m very active politically in the swing state, yes swing state of Georgia when you subtract all the voter suppression. So, if Pelosi and clan want to try to appease the so-called blue-dog democrats (code-loaded language), then please proceed at the high risk of demotivating voters like me. The more you placate to these white Midwestern, rustbelt, Appalachia, corn country, or whatever other title you want to give these people, be my guest. Go ahead and ignore how Black democrats (in particular, Black women) have bailed out your weak party and sensitive white party members over the past several elections at all levels.

Listen, Trump hates Black people and we hate his ass. We want him impeached and we don’t give a damn how hard it is for white democrats in the middle of the country to stomach seeing this criminal impeached. We know how easy it is for these same white democrats to watch young Black men getting assassinated by cops on television almost daily.  We have watched this man denigrate and disrespect our Black women, Black athletes, Black politicians, and totally ignore our people, our concerns, and our causes since he was sworn in. Now we are presented with an opportunity to impeach him and the white, female leader of the democratic party is hesitating on this opportunity. Be careful. Ignore us as your political base at your own damn peril.

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