Opinion: How Words Like “Minority”, “People of Color” and “Monolith” are Meant to Minimize African American Causes and Concerns

Many of our greatest teachers like W.E.B. DuBois, Malcolm X, Mumia Abu Jamal, etc., cautioned us about being so quick to accept words that describes us that comes from our captures and oppressors. Why in the world would anyone allow someone to define them who once enslaved, raped, mutilated, killed, separated, and sold them? Many of us grew up being told that: it ain’t what you’re called, it is what you answer to. Well, that’s great in trying to protect a young person’s feelings and ego. But, when someone calls you something enough times, you turn your head in the direction of the call (distraction), even if you don’t answer.

In America, every group of people can be called a minority except heterosexual, Caucasian men. It is now widely known that the major benefactor of the Civil Rights Act has been that oppressed minority called white women. African Americans fought very hard during the Civil Rights Movement for equal rights for themselves. With that fight, every other “minority” in America benefited, especially white women. I have no problem with any burdened group benefiting from the hard work of another burdened group. But there’s no more doubt left in my mind that it is impossible for the American white power structure to pass legislation that may benefit African Americans only.

Therefore, we should never accept the phrase/identity “people of color”. On the surface, it may sound like a phrase of solidarity of Black, Brown, Red, and Yellow people in America. In reality, its real purpose is to minimize the original American sin: slavery. None of these other groups were enslaved. So, if we all can be identified under one “umbrella”, then all of our issues and even our journey in this country can be viewed under one “umbrella”. Don’t fall for this people of color crap. Our issues as descendants of slaves is unique and unprecedented.

A common definition of the word monolith is, “a large single upright block of stone, especially one shaped into or serving as a pillar or monument.” The white power structure in America has accused African Americans of being monolithic (supposedly in our thinking) since, forever. Whereas in reality, all the other ethnic or racial groups in America seems to be way more monolithic than African Americans. Reread the definition of monolith. Doesn’t sound so negative, huh. African Americans are the last group of people that the white power structure wants to see operating on one accord. They practice monolithic thinking daily and don’t give a damn about all these other “non-threatening” groups practicing it. They just make it their goal to bamboozle African Americans into viewing it negatively.

I first discussed the word “minority” and then the phrase “people of color”. What these two have in common is that they denote solidarity while actually minimizing the African American enslavement and other atrocities put on us in this country. On the other hand, monolith is a positive word that they want to hoodwink African Americans into viewing it with negativity. In fact, I have utilized the word “African American” throughout this piece. It’s another descriptive word that could come back and haunt us. That is why I’m so much more comfortable with this new definition ADOS (American Descendant of Slaves). Because there were so many enslaved Africans throughout the African diaspora (North America, Central America, and South America), the appropriate name would be “United States of America Descendants of Slaves” (US ADOS). In no way am I minimizing the thought that was put into ADOS, it’s just an observation. Inspired by ADOS, I created ACRE_ADOS (After Civil Rights Era American Descendant of Slaves) to not be bottled in with the rest of the so-called “Generation X” (born 1965-1980). Yes, “ACRE” as in “40 Acres”. So, be careful with these “words”. Create your own if you need to.

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