Opinion: The Real Reason for All the Fuss and Rage Over Abortion from White Nationalist/Conservatives

I purposely did not post any news and stayed away from any discussion about the so-called “heartbeat” bill the Georgia governor signed into law today. As for the current governor of Georgia, I’m not in the mood to even mention the name of this lowdown, racist, cheating, irrelevant, illegitimate, shell of a man. In a nutshell, the “heartbeat” law essentially bans nearly all abortions in Georgia because this law makes abortion illegal once a doctor detects a heartbeat after conception and a heartbeat is usually detectable at six weeks after conception. The issue is, most women don’t even know they are pregnant at the six-week mark.

Over the past couple of decades or so, American white conservatives have gone all apeshit over women choosing to abort their pregnancies. I decided with this piece, I would not quote a bunch of statistics or link you to a bunch of sites backing up my points. One thing I know as an ADOS (American Descendant of Slaves), white people are never going to go apeshit over anything that negatively affects Black people that doesn’t negatively affect them too. So, by no means I’m I suggesting that abortion is not an issue in the Black community; however, what I am undoubtably saying is that abortion is a seriously big deal in the white community.

I’m sure many of you who reads pieces like this have heard about the serious negative population growth for Caucasians all over the world and in the U.S. When you top that with the opioid crisis, abortion, morning after pills, the methamphetamine crisis, declining sexual intercourse amongst millennials, the mainstreaming of LGBTQ people and lifestyle, etc., white men are having fits. Again, I’m not saying that the Global Majority community is not having some of these same concerns, but most of these concerns are ravaging the American white community and they want absolutely every white baby that can be born, be born. So, dear white conservative man: we are not fooled by your hidden agenda that you are so prolife for all people while committing and watching the genocide of my people at the hands of cops and the federal government. No, sir. You’re watching your numbers dwindle and you’re panicking. I don’t claim to be a religious scholar or anything; but, may I suggest you read a few of the religious holy books to help guide you on what your very near fate may be.

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