OKC officer says he shot a 14-year-old who had a gun. Boy says he was unarmed and got no warning — KFOR.com

(CNN) — When Sgt. Kyle Holcomb sees someone climb out the window of an abandoned Oklahoma City home, he barks two quick commands. Within a second, Holcomb fires through a hole in the fence.

Two of the four shots hit 14-year-old Lorenzo Clerkley. The officer was placed on administrative leave following the March shooting but has since returned to full duty after being cleared of criminal wrongdoing.

4 thoughts on “OKC officer says he shot a 14-year-old who had a gun. Boy says he was unarmed and got no warning — KFOR.com

  1. Hello Kreb. Horrible miscarriage of justice. The boy had no time to respond before the officer escalated the situation. Police today are taught to be afraid at all times. They then use this fear as an excuse to use the most deadly force they can. What the sense is it to have non-deadly force options if they are not even used. Looking at the situation the officer was on the other side of a fence, he was not in imminent danger so could have simply stepped back if the subject had a real weapon and was pointing it. The officer could have used a stun gun or even mace seeing the subject was a kid and the size of the weapon. Hugs


    1. I feel you on that, Shelby. I post or reblog these stories because I feel that they try to bamboozle us with all the D.C. noise while slaughtering our people in the streets. I think all these incidents of pigs killing our people is working on both fronts. I think it’s being “normalized” in the white community and making our community feel like what you expressed above.

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