Texas Police Tried To Arrest A Black Man In His Own Yard After Misidentifying Him — Black Voices – Black News, Entertainment, Style and Culture

“You don’t know my name, so how can you tell me I have a warrant in Louisiana?” a Houston man asked an officer in a now viral-video.

In a now-viral video, a law enforcement officer tried to arrest Houston resident Clarence Evans in his own front yard after mistaking him for a different black man who allegedly had a warrant out for his arrest.

Evans uploaded the video of the incident to social media on May 8, saying the officer had pulled up to his house as he was watching his kids play.

9 thoughts on “Texas Police Tried To Arrest A Black Man In His Own Yard After Misidentifying Him — Black Voices – Black News, Entertainment, Style and Culture

  1. Kreb, man. Same thing happened to me. Policeman approached me gun drawn in my own backyard because I ‘looked suspicious’. With a rake and work gloves, I looked suspicious. Handcuffed me and put me in the police car. The racist motherfucker. about 5 years ago. Looked like that racist motherfucker that killed Trayvon Martin.

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      1. youre sure right about that. i just remembered. i do have that incident recorded in my diary of the time. i looked at it. turns out it happened 6 years ago. Almost. theres some details i didnt include though. i got to get those down on paper (sic) before i forget. Very disturbing implications i drew from this cops action and the two black cops that showed up later. for example, before this was sorted out by the vouching of my sister, i had the distinct feeling that this cop was about to drive me to some vacant lot and beating the shit out of me for talking back. it was very, very scary.

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      2. see what im saying. this officer took offense that i could question his reasons for criminalizing me. he didn’t work for me. he was my overseer and he was going to whip his slave for being insolent enough to think he had rights! see what im saying? thats the kind of implications that i did not record yet.


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