Public Executions Of Black People Are Showing No Signs Of Ending — Nappy News

In less than a week’s time, America has witnessed — or turned a blind eye to — three different public executions of unarmed Black people as the troubling trend shows no signs of ending. The most recent instance came Monday night when a police officer in Texas killed a woman who didn’t appear to pose any significant physical threat to him seconds after she screamed out, “I’m pregnant!” The officer shot Pamela Turner, a grandmother, five times at very close range in an apartment complex parking lot.

One thought on “Public Executions Of Black People Are Showing No Signs Of Ending — Nappy News

  1. Hello Kreb. I cannot understand the virulent racism that seems to be spreading at a huge rate in those with power right now. I did see a couple encounters that did not end in death but never should have gone down that way. In the first a group of policeman had a black man on the ground on his knees. I think they would have shot him except a woman was filming it begging them not to shoot him. They claim he fit the description of a man who committed a robbery with a gun. It was not him. The second one was a group of white police officers in a majority black neighborhood. One police officer who had a rifle walked over to a black man who had his back to him, wrenched him around and flat out punched in in the face. The cameras and the body cams caught it all. He put all he had into the punch. Then when the black guy fell the rest of the police piled on. He was arrested. He had not done anything wrong and was obeying the officers yet once he was attacked they had to arrest him. if not for all the video he would have either been dead or facing some serious charges. This has to stop, it needs to change. Hugs


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