U.S. Aid Worker Being Investigated for Child Molestation and Serial Rape of Dozens of Haitian Children — BCNN1 WP

A U.S.-based aid worker who worked with a Amish Mennonite-run charity in Haiti has fled back to Ohio after it was discovered that he has been sexually abusing boys in the country, with reportedly as many as 40 children being affected. The man, who worked for Christian Aid Ministries (CAM), founded and led by David Troyer, has now admitted that he has engaged in child molestation from his youth, “living a life of deception and hypocrisy,” and Haitian officials want him deported back to the nation to face justice. https://bcnn1wp.wordpress.com/2019/06/15/u-s-aid-worker-being-investigated-for-child-molestation-and-serial-rape-of-dozens-of-haitian-children/

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