Her Name Was Marijuana Pepsi, Now You Can Call Her Dr. Marijuana Pepsi — BlackDoctor

I’m sure being African American or growing up Black, many of us have heard of some unusually unique names given to our brown-skinned brothers and sisters.

For example, I grew up knowing someone named Cappuccino (yes, like the beverage).
How about another person named Crobar. No, seriously, his name was Crobar.
I’ve even heard ones like Ashinkashe’, Toiletta, and even Brinashante (combination of parents “Brian” and “Ashante”). https://blackdoctor.org/527788/her-name-was-marijuana-pepsi-now-you-can-call-her-dr-marijuana-pepsi/

8 thoughts on “Her Name Was Marijuana Pepsi, Now You Can Call Her Dr. Marijuana Pepsi — BlackDoctor

  1. Hello Kreb. I live in South Florida. Often I will run into people working in stores who have a name badge and an unusual name. I will often ask how the name should be properly pronounced ( that is polite as everyone should have their name pronounced as best as one can ) , and the person will show signs of being uncomfortable as they tell me. I then tell them how wonderful their name sounds to me and how I love unusual names. The reactions of relief and joy that these people then display is grand. The sad fact is they are use to and waiting for negatives about their names. I hate that. It is bigotry and stupidity combined to be upset over some persons name. I often then have wonderful conversations with these people who have grand names and do not require anyone to approve of them. It simply is. My name is, I do not require anyones approval for it. The same with the many wonderful names I have encountered. I recently on a news show heard of a young woman named Reality Winner. I thought that was so grand. Yes maybe she was teased growing up, but so are we all, kids are jerks. But what a grand name! I guess there is something wrong with me that I don’t think unique names are bad. Hugs

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      1. Hello Kreb. Thank you for the compliment, but I guess I don’t understand my fellow older white people. Why get upset that people have different names? Why get so bent out of shape over a language menu on a phone call, what does it matter how one does ones hair, I once had a neighbor person go nuts over the fact in walmart she heard two workers speaking spanish, they were not even talking to her! I guess growing up being discriminated against caused me to not have the bigotry so many of my age and skin color do. I guess it may help that I really do care about people. After all what the heck is the point of living if we were alone by our selves on this planet, and also other people are grand and exciting with wonderful lives of their own to tell. Hope you are doing well. Hugs

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      2. Hello Kerb. I love the post your posts because it is a cold water check to my world view. If I ever get too comfortable thinking we all have made it to equality I want to know if I am wrong. If one of us is left behind it is too many. I get so dang upset that the basic understanding we are all human seems to be something some people can not grasp. I really did think that President Obama getting elected was a sign we had grown up. I was really wrong, as I think a lot of us are discovering now. Thanks for the work you do. Hugs

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      3. Scottie, the past two presidential elections have reminded us that racism lives just barely underneath the skin of many American whites and bigotry lives at the end of so many people’s thoughts. When we forget how this country was founded, that is when complacency sets in.

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      4. Hello Kreb. I guess what angers me, what stuns me, is I never seen this really in most of my life. My real first black hate racism was when we took a black friend of ours to a restaurant here in florida and the waitress wouldn’t ask him what he wanted, instead asking us to order for him. I was getting angry but our friend asked us to not react. I understand why he did that but now looking back thirty years I wish I had done so. That was in the mid 1990’s. It seems to me now that things have gotten much worse. Am I so wrong to not understand this unreasonable hate? I had a very racist adoptive father but never knew it as we simply did not have any POC in our town or school. The first person of color I met was in the military. So to me color was not an issue. Later on when my racist adoptive father came to Florida to visit Ron and I we had an issue. Our next door neighbor was a wonderful Muslim man who happened to be black and my adoptive father kept calling him nigger. We tried to stop him, we corrected him, we even went to the point of telling him if he kept that up he wouldn’t be welcome in our home. Yet he refused to apologize or understand what he was saying was wrong. I hate this shit. I don’t think I can understand how this must effect or had effected , every POC. We have so much work to do in this country. Hugs

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