Opinion: Stop with All the White Women and Other “White Minority Groups” Helping Us Out Nonsense

Listen Black people, if you haven’t learned by now that white women and other so-called “white minority groups” generally falls in line with the agendas and policies promoted by white men, then you need to wake your ass up! How many times do these “groups” have to show you that when all is said and done, they understand that their white skin (privilege) trumps whatever so-called minority group they identify with or belong to.

White women haven’t voted for a Democratic presidential candidate since the early 1960s. Once the Dixiecrats (racists Southern Democrats who left the Democratic Party) left the Democratic Party in favor of the Republican Party in the 1960s, white women left right along with them. Fast forward to the present, a great majority of white women voted for Trump and the known pedophile Roy Moore from Alabama. Although white women get in line when it comes to the racism of white men, white me will never or rarely vote them into elected office.

How often do you see the white LGBTQ community support their Black and brown counterparts? Where was the white LGBTQ community’s support with the Pulse nightclub shooting? Although I have some troubling personal beliefs about the current Black transsexual killings, where are white LGBTQ community on this issue? They also represent a large slice of the community who are gentrifying Black communities all over this country. Although the white LGBTQ community get in line when it comes to the racism of white men, white men will never or rarely vote them into elected office.

Lastly, let’s talk about the Me Too, Times Up, and all these other “movements” supposedly holding men accountable for unsavory, immoral, and unethical behaviors. So-called white minority groups were quick to hold white men in Hollywood and Black men like Bill Cosby and several Black athletes accountable for their actions; however, where are they when it comes Trump and other political figures demonstrating the same revolting behaviors? Oh, that’s right, these politicians shape policy that benefits their so-called “white minority groups”. Go figure.

6 thoughts on “Opinion: Stop with All the White Women and Other “White Minority Groups” Helping Us Out Nonsense

  1. Right on, Kreb. You raise so many good points. I’ve brought up the whole #MeToo double standard on different posts across two of my blogs including some of my movie reviews. The same people who demonize Cosby are total cowards when it comes to Roman Polanski, Harvey Weinstein, Rob Lowe, and so many more.

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      1. Definitely. There was a Kenyan documentary that came out a few months ago that you can watch legally on YouTube for free called Preying Missionaries. It’s about a White couple from America who open an orphanage/church in Bomet, Kenya and secretly abused, raped, and killed children for years. Not only that, but the monster Gregory Hayes Dow was a registered sex offender for molesting his own daughter before going to Kenya, yet never got arrested. Definitely check it out. I even reviewed it. https://iridiumeye.wordpress.com/2019/04/13/preying-missionaries-review/

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  2. What do I see in the eyes of the very nice and fine ladies adorned in finery? I see them at a proper tea party, holding delicate china cups while above them hang the strange fruit, the lynched bodies suspended from the limbs of the trees and gracing the gathering of groomed ladies. A blithe display of decent women of heritage, breeding, and social manners. The faces of feminity in full blossom. My eyes have seen the glory…

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