Opinion: Land of the Free Whites, Home of the Brave Blacks

Don’t believe the title of this piece? Let’s take a deeper look to fully understand how the title of this piece is absolutely true.

Let’s talk labor. Two-hundred fifty years of free slave labor and another hundred years of Jim Crow created an economy that no other nation on earth could compete with.

Let’s talk inventions. All non-miseducated people know that the biggest thing the white man invented in America was the U.S. Patent Office in order to steal the rights to everyone else’s inventions. Inventions come out of necessary. Inventions mostly make doing things easier. It’s hard to invent something sitting on the plantation porch watching slaves do all the work. I guess one invention that could come from such sedentary work would be a fly swatter. So, maybe whites did invent a bunch of comfort inventions.

Let’s talk leadership. Whether it was during Reconstruction when the nation was in a very, very bad situation after years of civil war and political turmoil, or during the Great Recession of 2007-2008, or during every single war this country has fought, white America has depended on Blacks to pull the country out of very, very bad places.

Let’s talk culture. Everyone who doesn’t live under a rock and leaves their home every now and then or peeks at some type of media knows that there is no such thing as white culture in America. American culture is wholly owned and operated by American Descendants of Slaves.  Don’t give me this shit about apple pie and baseball. You know as well as I do that all that shit is Black and I’m not about to present a dissertation on it.

Let’s talk beauty. White people have duped so many Blacks that European beauty is the standard of beauty in America. They don’t believe that shit themselves. Even during slavery, white women made female slaves cover their hair and skin as much as possible. It was common for white women to lacerate the faces of their female slaves. Of course, this was all to make the female slave less attractive to her white men. Too bad for her, because nothing she did to make the Black female slave unpleasant to her white men worked. White men could not keep their hands and bodies off Black slave women and girls. Similarly, white men often took the brawniest male slave, that they referred to as “bulls”, from his newly purchased batch of slaves, stripped him naked, pull out his penis, and deflowered the male slave anally in front of the male slave’s wife and children in order to socially demasculinize him. If you think about it, this same construct is still going on today behind the lens of mainstream media (marginalizing Black beauty) and the criminal justice system (demasculinizing Black men).

I ask all white people who reads this piece to honestly ask yourself if you think your people would have made the progress that American Descendants of Slaves have made in this country given them a 350 year head start in the vices of slavery and Jim Crow? Your greatest fear is that having that same power, American Descendants of Slaves would perpetrate the same vices on you that you’ve done and still do on us this very day. Almost all Blacks don’t give a damn about “getting you all back”. We know how counterproductive that would be. We also know that if you all just played on a level playing field, the chips will fall in our side of the field. You know that too. So yes, all this is the reason why this is the land of the free whites and home of the brave Blacks.

22 thoughts on “Opinion: Land of the Free Whites, Home of the Brave Blacks

  1. Hello Kreb. I am not sure I can agree with the entirety of this post. That the southern economy was totally built on the backs of slaves is a proven fact. The south needed slavery to have a functioning economy. That slaves were mistreated and sexually abused, both male and female and even children is not in doubt or contested. Human nature what it is we know such things happen widely anytime one group has complete control of another.

    Where I disagree is that white people added nothing to invention and innovation to the progress of society. There is no doubt that POC also added much to our understanding of all sciences and to human nature, but I doubt they were the only ones doing so. To think that is to be just as racist as to say that POC added nothing to human advancement. I have no doubt that if POC had been able to freely express themselves, to go to schools / colleges, to be equal then they would have done far more than was recorded and would have helped society greatly. The fact is POC were held back, denied equal chances, where not listened to when they were correct, had their ideas stolen, and were generally fucked over in the US. That is true history. I don’t know how we make that right today. However there were white people also adding to the advancement of society.

    I do not ever want to diminish what black people went through in the past nor what they are dealing with today in this country. it is wrong what they are dealing with. No excuses, it is wrong. However I also can not agree that everything this country is today is because of POC. Hugs

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    1. Great reply, Scottie! I did suggest that whites invented comfort items such as fly swatters, lol. No, seriously- what I’m suggesting is that you’re probably not going to invent a device to lift heavy items when you don’t have to lift heavy items yourself. When the hunter always tell the story… Also, I don’t subscribe to many of the academic publications for reference that was produced and distributed by people whose whole goal was to oppress my people and miseducate their own people. Although I have received a western education through the post-graduate level, my primary teachers were/are Black Liberationist from W.E.B. Dubose and Frederick Douglass to Fannie Lou Hamer and Matulu Shakur. Most western educated whites education is limited to their predominately white institutions. So, I’m used to my summaries and assumptions not matching mainstream’s.

      There’s several ways to make it “right” today, Scottie. Some have even suggested paying reparations to American Descendants of Slaves. How do you feel about that? I say one way to make it right is to stop doing the same BS today to non-white people like separating children from parents and a hundred other things that I can name off the top of my head. Stop saying this stuff is un-American when it is actually the American way.

      Scottie, I never expect for anyone to agree with my pieces in their entirety. I tend to write some very controversial stuff. However, I really appreciate your thoughts and insights on my pieces. You have shown nothing but class that I’ve seen.

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      1. Hello Kreb. You asked about my views on reparations. Here is what I think from a old white man’s perspective:

        POC have been denied through systemic governmental racism to any advancement means normally available to white people. The system sidelined them, excluded them, robbed them, and made it impossible for them to advance as their fellow countryman did. It is so painful to know that during the time after world war 2 when the average white person was reaping huge economic rewards those same programs were blocked for POC. So moving forward white people got cheap homes in good areas, black people did not. Those white people sold those cheap homes for a greater price, and moved up economically, POC did not. Rinse and repeat. No one who understands a bit of history will deny this, blacks got shit on ever step of the way. So white kids of those same people got far more advantages than black kids did. That is simply a fact.

        How to make up for that? How to do reparations? Well one thing that will not help the average POC suffering from the shit society they deal with is being given money. It wont help. Here is money, then it is gone and they are still suffering under the same problems.

        What is need is opportunity for POC that was denied their ancestors. Where once it was illegal for blacks to be taught to read or write, now it is imperative we do so, but not just the reading /writing but open all education facilities to them. We need to let every POC get a quality education from preschool to masters degree. Free! I do not want to hear about costs and burdens, their ancestors already did the burden thing to pay for this. The number one greatest equalizer for anyone is education. For too long education was regulated to whites and more recently to wealthy whites. To fix this every POC who wants an advanced educations gets one on the US governments credit card. That is the only real way to make reparations, by empowering those who slaved with out any power. Those who would rather have a trade skill get the same treatment, free education.
        Also no more of this poor kids schools getting shit education and shit staff stuff. The lowest income districts get the most help. No question. I have read / posted on poor areas not having text books, no access to modern equipment while near by mostly white schools have a computer for each kid. That stops now!

        Well that is my opinion on this. Others far smarter than this old man will have maybe better ideas. The only thing I know is we can not continue as a country as we are going, we need to have true equality for everyone regardless of skin tone. I have had friends of every skin shade I can think of. They can call on me and I will help as best I can. I also know I can call on them and they will do their very best to help me.

        I do not understand this bias some white people have against POC. It is irrational and stupid.

        I think of it like this. In Florida where I live I use to be a medical person required to stop at an accident if I was one of the first on the scene. I did not get the choice of stopping for a person based on their color, nor was I allowed to not give my best treatment based on color either. The system was color blind. You gave aid to anyone who needed it. It is the same in life as far as I am concern. At least it should be.

        Well I hope that answers your question. My answer was very long. Hugs

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      2. Thanks for the reply, Scottie. The problem with education being the great equalizer in America is: it’s not. Again, this is coming from an ADOS who holds an earned post-graduate degree. White men can and have moved the goal post when it comes to profiting from education any time he wants because he’s officiating the game and created the league. Per capita, Black women are the highest educated group in America while simultaneously earning the least amount of money on the dollar.

        Cash was given to every other wronged group in America, by the U.S. government to make them whole. Why shouldn’t the same be done to ADOS? Are we not capable of handling cash? I personally would prefer 40 acres plus cash for each generation (great grandparents?)

        Also Scottie, I understand what you mean by POC (people of color); however, this country wasn’t built on the backs of POC, it was built on the backs of descendants of slaves. The category “POC” is too broad. It lumps us in with people whose ancestors where never American slaves. We own, honor, and embrace that distinction. Thanks, Scottie.

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      3. Hello Kreb. You make good points. I used the term POC because all non-white people have been abused by the system to some degree. Lets face it, the US has been a prick to non-white males since it was founded. I guess I was thinking more broadly as I would like a society where everyone has equal rights.

        So on reparations to ADOS. It is not that I think black people are not able to handle cash, that is silly. I do not think such a system will pass any congress and be signed into law by any president. I also doubt the program would be fairly administered especially in the southern states. Yes there was the promise of 40 acres and a mule. If Lincoln had not been shot, if he had lived, he would have kept that promise I think. The asshole Andrew Johnson is the one who refused to honor it. How would the government give 40 acres to every ADOS? What about minors who are descendants of descendants of slaves? Do they also get 40 acres also? Who does the government take the land from? However I agree that we need more than education for ADOS I can see that. So how else can we make amends for the crime of slavery. It was a crime and even though many white people do not have ancestors who owned slaves, but the system is rigged for white people and against POC. I think we have to try to balance the system and to do that we will need to give preference to ADOS. I dislike the term quotas because that makes it seem like POC are not qualified for the jobs and are just given them anyway. I don’t have another word for it but as white males have been given a privileged status it is time to change that. Veterans such as my self get preference for being hired in the federal government, we could do something like that for ADOS.

        The truth is I have not really ever thought how to make this right. I really don’t know what is proper and how to do it. If cash is the answer, how much is enough to make up for the harm done? Can you ever be paid enough to make it OK to do what what was done to humans by other humans? In an effort to make things equal we created busing for students, what kind of thing can we create to make this right for future ADOS? What would you suggest Kreb? As you say you have a lot more in this than I do, it was your ancestors that were harmed. It directly effects you, so I am interested in hearing what you think. And how do we make it happen in our congress or state government today? Hugs

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      4. Hello, Scottie. I feel your frustration on this. However, therein lies part of the issue. As a white man, you shouldn’t be frustrated at all because you shouldn’t be a part of the think tank deciding how to repair ADOS.

        You would not want the family of the man who raped your mom and sister figuring out what therapy they need. You wouldn’t want the family of the man who killed your father deciding what casket your father should be buried in. You see, white men feel they should have a seat at every table. Well, in this case, white men can have a seat, just not at this table.

        ADOS are plenty capable of figuring out this without input from whites. If whites see it as Blacks deciding what to do with white people’s money, therein lies another problem. Black people have paid taxes for institutions they couldn’t attend or be a part of, for building racist statues their children have to walk by, for paying the salaries of the people who are appointed or elected to oppress them, etc.

        An entire federal department (Department of Veterans Affairs) was created to repair American veterans. Something similar could be done to repair ADOS. Slave owners were paid money to repair them and make them whole when slavery was abolished. So, paying cash for slavery reparations would not be a new thing in America. Either way, many templates have been created that ADOS could use if needed.

        So, my advice to you Scottie is: save your frustration and let us handle this reparation thing. You’ve done enough by wanting to help. Thanks.

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      5. Hello Kreb. I am not frustrated per say. I am trying to figure out a way to make a horrible thing right. How to do the right thing and what is the right thing. This is a big topic and those smarter than me have tried to tackle it. I can see your point about why white men shouldn’t have a say. You are correct in all that you said about that. However if you do not have support from the white population do you think anything can get passed in our racist bigoted government? Just as the LGBTQ+ community needed allies, I think the ADOS community needs allies. Please do not discount our ability to help, we are approaching this from an honest attempt to make right a horrible crime. Hugs

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      6. Scottie, this quote from you says it all: “do you think anything can get passed in our racist bigoted government?” The government is racist and bigoted. The LGBTQ+ community has been given in 50 years what it took ADOS 350 years to earn. The LGBTQ+ community learned how to protest from the ADOS community. The difference is the face of the LGBTQ+ community is white or mostly white. The LGBTQ+ community cannot teach ADOS how to change thier skin color. Bigotry can be less harsh than racism. Nothing is more hateful than racism. Why should we accept anything passed by a racist, bigoted government?

        On a personal note, if we have to have the “white population” and the “racist bigoted government” at the table for slavery reparations, I’d rather not have the conversation and just let the country be damned and die as it was born- out of theft, genocide, racism, rape, hate, etc. You cannot commit all these crimes and sit on the jury too. Thanks, Scottie.

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      7. Hello Kreb. I was thinking about this issue and your response. I have to admit I am rather stunned you don’t want allies who agree with you on the need to fix the problem you identify. I am a older white male who wants to help you on this issue and I agree that what happened to your ancestors was horrible wrong. It has occurred to me that not all white people have had ancestors who have had slaves and there are many white people today that are not only against what happened in the past but really strong supporters in equality for POC. I am one of those. I want to help. Yet your dismissing me from the “table” smacks of the very racism we both want to be done away with. Yes a person who has ancestors who can be shown to be slave owners like McConnell should be viewed with suspicion, however not every white person is him. In fact if a white person, such as me , comes and says I would like to help, I want to make things right , why do you dismiss us / me ?

        In my responses to you I only wanted to help. To right a wrong. Yet you made me feel as if I was wrong for trying to help. You dismissed anything I could bring to the table as already being wrong or part of the problem.

        Kreb I don’t understand that. I wanted to help. I am angry what is happening to POC in our society today. I am angry what is happening to black kids, the way POC are being treated. The school to prison pipeline being done to kids of color. I want to find ways to change that. I am angry of the way this country treated black people and made them slaves. It was wrong and I hate it being a real part of the history of the US. I want to change that, I want a just country, a just society, for all people regardless of skin tone.

        Yet you seem to dismiss my wanting to help. I am confused? What do you want of people like me, who want to help, have no racial prejudice, and just want a better world for all of us? Hugs

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      8. Hey, Scottie! People often say, “Put yourself in my position”. In this case, it is impossible for me to ask you to do that, so I won’t. As descendants of slaves, we have witnessed whites of all strips and communities support some of the most vile white male politicians since Obama. We have been shown that when push comes to shove in the country, whites will ban together against us. I understand how hard it may be for you to understand our distrust of whites since you feel that that is the only thing you have in common with many of them.

        There have always been a hand full of whites here and there to help with our cause of equality and it is clear that that is what you want to do. However, this is different. I’ve pointed out so many different situations where white faces have been so absent but so needed. From killing Black transgender people to separating kids from families, to child sex trafficking to police murdering black people in the streets, there are so many issues out there that white people could really help out with but they ignore as a whole.

        Reparations is an issue where no one is getting hurt or killed. Of you all, we don’t know who family owned slaves and whose didn’t. We are wrongly judged for a thousand things by whites every single day. So please, don’t feel so bad if one of us misjudge you or your family when it comes to slavery.

        Scottie, I simply don’t see a need for whites at the table of reparations talk in the country. We have an entire Congressional Black Caucus and so many Black social, economic, historians, etc. experts in this country. Why do we need whites helping us right crimes that their families perpetrated? No thanks, we can handle this one.

        Scottie, there are so many others issues currently going on in this country where whites are really needed right now. Telling ADOS how we should be repaired is not one of them. Let me ask you a couple of questions: You don’t feel that it is rather presumptuous of you to want to be at this table? Do you feel a certain type of privilege that we allow you to have a say in repairing our damage?

        When we come out of that room with how we should be repaired as ADOS, America can either accept it or not. That’s what we’ve had to do for 400 years in this country. Scottie, I’m sure you and your husband are two of the nicest people in the state of Florida. Considering the circumstances, I just think it is best that white people sit this one out, brother. Thanks.

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      9. Hello Kreb. You ask me if it is presumptuous that I want to help. No I don’t see it that way at all. I really feel the desire to make things right. I really want equality.

        Maybe this will help you understand where I am coming from. Before my husband and I got together he dated and lived with a black guy named Laddie. We have stayed friends all these years. When laddie came to visit us in Florida in 1994 we all went out to eat. We went to a Sizzler steak restaurant near us. We wanted to give our friend a grand meal. However it soon became a huge problem. The waitress took my order and then my spouses order, then ignoring our black friend asked us what he wanted. Ron understood what was happening, but I never had seen out in the open racism before. When I realized what was happening I got angry and loud. I wanted the manager. I was willing to make a huge deal out of this offence to my friend. Yet he asked me not to. He just ask, sort of kind of begged me, not to make a huge deal of out of it. I realize now he felt embarrassed. I did what he asked , he is my friend. Looking back on it I think I should have kept making a stink, got the manager and raised hell. However it wouldn’t have made my friend feel any better.

        So Kreb what I am trying to say is I am someone trying to help. I wish you did not feel the need to dismiss me but if that is what you want for me to stay out of this I will do so , just as our friend asked me not to make an issue of his treatment. I still think it was wrong for him to be treated that way and I think I can be of help to POC / ADOS today. However I respect you enough that I wont push my self in where I am not wanted. Hugs

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      10. I’m glad you understand, Scottie. Although, it is not where you’re not “wanted”, it is where I think you are not “needed” at this time. If it’s gonna be, we as ADOS got this reparations shit.

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  2. Oh yeah! Whites invented shit;bombs, missiles, drones, GMO food, syphilis, smallpox, AIDS, ‘the clap’, torture, christianity which is actually a bold faced lie, alcohol, heroin, crack, napalm, Agent Orange, white phosphorous, war crimes, lies, hypocrisy, lawyers, criminal banks, Payday loans, furniture loan stores, FICO scores, credit cards, 30-year mortgage loans, taxes, indoctrination, abduction, slavery, shackles, prisons, identity theft; you know, ALL the things that have made OUR lives SO much better! And I hope you can tell that by “better,” I am being totally sarcastic.

    Kreb, can I please re-blog this in its entirety with ALL credit to you and a link back to this post, PLEASE!!! I am actually begging you!

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    1. Shelby, I won’t lie, I am laughing my ass off at this reply! You nailed it! I should have known you would list all these “inventions” by whites. It’s so funny because it’s so true. Shelby, until otherwise noted, you can do whatever you wish with anything I publish on this blog. It’s simply an honor to follow you and have you as a follower!

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      1. Kreb, bless your heart! I was SO not joking when I wrote my comment and believe me, this post will be up first thing tomorrow. I want it good and fresh for my readers! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! And if I ever cross the line with you, please, please let me know! Thank you again!

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      2. Oh Shelby, I know you weren’t joking at all. It’s just that you bring it so hard and so real sometimes it just cracks me up. The greatest comedians tails the greatest truths. And you are so welcome.

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      3. Thank you sir! LOL! You know me, I go hard or not at all! And many times, the hard truth I tell is not easy to take for those whom it is directed at.

        And this one that you have here, is the hard truth and folks LOVE you on my blog! So I gots ta share ya!

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  3. Interesting points there. I didn’t even think about the patent office. One thing I learned recently was that the medical process of inoculation was invented by a slave named Onesimus, but he never got credit for saving lives. It does bother me when people steal creations without giving credit to the originals. Ask the Native Americans. They were on this country before colonization. Look at Lewis Howard Latimer. He invented the filament before Edison would make the light bulb (saying nothing about him plagiarizing Nikola Tesla, and he was another White man!). Shoot, even movie companies can rip-off stuff from other countries and get away with it. Seriously, watch the 60s Japanese anime Kimba the White Lion and tell me no one from Disney saw it when they made that expensive copycat of a movie called The Lion King (and that’s not getting into the racist crap with the hyenas or them trademarking the “Hakuna Matata” phrase from 90 million Swahili speakers). Okay, in all seriousness, it’s a shame that America to this day has never owned up to it’s original sin of slavery and genocide.

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      1. Definitely and it is quite mind blowing. Another example even though this one doesn’t involve America is the Obelisk of Axum in Ethiopia which was destroyed and stolen by Italy to make the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I learned that last year from the Unjust Perceptions: Ethiopia documentary on YouTube.

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