WARNING: New Disease Found In Pools Across U.S. — BlackDoctor

During the summer, it’s natural for kids and adults alike to want to go swimming, but who would have thought that this summer 2019 could be the most dangerous time for swimming.

Local and private pools Outbreaks of diarrhea-causing cryptosporidium are increasing 13% each year, and 7,465 cases of crypto infection were reported from 2009 through 2017. The number of outbreaks reached 444, according to the agency’s report released last week. https://blackdoctor.org/527975/warning-new-disease-found-in-pools-across-u-s/

2 thoughts on “WARNING: New Disease Found In Pools Across U.S. — BlackDoctor

  1. With the nasty mess that’s out here now, the last you place you’d find me is in a public pool. And as if pools are not bad enough, the state of Mississippi has had to close ALL beaches due to bacteria contamination from algae, etc. Welcome to hell brought to us by the racist, ignorant as hell whites who set ALL of this in motion.

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