Opinion: Trump’s Mission Is Crystal Clear: Bring the White Nationalists Completely Out of the Shadows and Put Non-whites Completely inside the Shadows

Trump never intended to “roundup” a bunch of illegal immigrants this past weekend. If that was the case, he would have been rounding up mostly Canadians because they are the top violators of being in the U.S. illegally. His mission was to create terror and fear in brown people primarily from Central America. No different from his tweets yesterday to the four freshman congresswomen known as the “Squad” about going “back where they came from”. His mission there was to tell Black and brown folks and Muslims that no matter how you got your citizenship, your citizenship is a privilege bestowed upon them by white Americans and can be revoked at the drop of a hat. So, get your ass in the shadows too.

I believe every person in America, who’s from the global majority, who is even barely woke, knows that white people don’t won’t them to go anywhere. So goes Americans from the global majority, so goes America. So no, they don’t want us gone, they just want us terrified in the shadows. These oppressors are currently picking the brains of the colonizers in South Africa as to best practices on how to control and oppress the masses as a white minority regime. It is by design how white men in positions of power or positions of authority or just plain old rich ass white men are getting away with blatant criminal violations and getting slaps on the wrists for physically and verbally violating others. Ask any native Black South African about their “Pass Laws”. South African Pass Laws papers and American slavery “Freedom Papers” have a lot in common.

So, stay out of the shadows and scream at the top of your lungs. You have more rights to this land than they do. The good news is that most groups in America who are marginalized by white men recognizes the marginalization. I said most, not all. There is one group of people in America who has always been marginalized by white men in America who seems to be oblivious to being marginalized: white women. Without the loyal and dedicated support of white women, white men will fall like dominoes without the black dots. Every other marginalized group in America should know one thing for sure: white women, as a group, will always give white men their loyal and dedicated support in order to ensure and secure their own white privilege.

6 thoughts on “Opinion: Trump’s Mission Is Crystal Clear: Bring the White Nationalists Completely Out of the Shadows and Put Non-whites Completely inside the Shadows

      1. Quite true. The thing is they aren’t questioned about anything. I remember a time ten years ago when I was in Jacksonville, FL where I was on tour with my college’s choir. The person who hosted another choir member (who’s white) and I. We went to a Panera the next morning as he was going to drop us off at the church. He came back from his Iraq tour and asked me if I was a US citizen. Granted, it was super early in the morning, but I was shocked and told him I was born in America. He asked me if my parents were born here and I said yes. He was a freaking racist and never asked my choir roommate the same questions.

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      2. Yeah, it’s because in America, they can fit in better and people don’t say anything. Even if the average American notices that they have an accent, they think it’s cool or exotic while not equating it to something bad.

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