Opinion: Don’t Underestimate the Optics of Kamala Harris on a Debate Stage with Trump- Prosecutor vs. Crime Lord

Let me begin by stating that this piece is in no way an endorsement or rejection of Kamala Harris or Joe Biden on my part. I’m primarily writing this piece to reveal the reasons I believe Republicans and white Democrats want Black people to support Joe Biden.

First, both white Democrats and Republicans know that Black people are the base of the Democratic Party. No Democratic presidential candidate is going to step foot in the white house without the support of most Black voters.

Republicans know that Trump would eat Biden for lunch on a general election debate stage and in the general election mainstream media cycles. Trump can take the gloves off with Biden. There’s nothing to lose. Old white man versus old white man. Trump will wipe the floor with Biden on all his questionable racist voting record, his overly touching women, and his questionable family morals like the relationship between his deceased son’s wife and his other son (that negates any comments Biden could make about Trump’s sick relationship with his daughter).

White Democrats know that if Biden (or some other white male candidate) is not the Democratic nominee for president, it would be very difficult for many of them to go out and vote for a woman or a person of color. So, the goal of the liberal wing of the mainstream media is to push Joe Biden down the throats of people of color (especially Black people because they are the base of the party). They hide behind the battle cry of supporting the “most electable” democratic candidate. Joe Biden has never been very electable the other times he’s ran for president. White democrats know that without Biden (or some other white male candidate), many of them will stay home on election day and Trump will be reelected. They don’t want that to happen.

With Kamala Harris on the general election debate stage with Trump, you get a state’s Attorney General versus a federal and state level criminal. Although I have been critical of Kamala Harris (especially her record in California as a prosecutor and Attorney General when it comes to incarcerating Black men), I cannot take away that she is an effective prosecutor who is very quick on her feet. If Trump in any way tries to attack her on her criminal justice record, she will eat him alive on his and his father’s landlord racist practices, the Central Park Five, Charlottesville, his go back where you come from “Squad” comments, and a whole bunch of over racist crap from this racist ape. He can’t even call her anti-Semitic because according to him, he himself can’t be anti-Semitic because his son-in-law is Jewish. Well, Harris’ husband is Jewish. Trump would also have to tiptoe around what he says about this Black woman in the media.

Again, this is not an endorsement for any candidate for me. But listen Black people, don’t let the liberal wing of the mainstream media push Joe Biden down your throat to make voting easier for racist white Democrats (yes, many white Democrats are racist). Don’t believe this crap about “most electable”. Harris will demolish Trump. In fact, fifty percent of American Black women would demolish Trump in a debate. Harris will put this criminal on trial during the debates. In fact, the only way he could possibly contend with Harris is if he goes all in with racism and simply concede the Black vote in order to motivate Republicans to come out and vote and racist white Democrats to stay home. If racist white Democrats can’t find it in their hearts to cheer for and get motivated to vote for the ass-whooping she will give Trump, then once again, whites will get what they deserve: Trump.

6 thoughts on “Opinion: Don’t Underestimate the Optics of Kamala Harris on a Debate Stage with Trump- Prosecutor vs. Crime Lord

  1. Hello Kreb. I think we disagree on several points. The polling data I have seen shows black women backing Biden. I have no clue why they do, but the polling data shows that. The fact is Biden’s whole thing is he was Obama’s vice pick and he is a well known white guy. I think he is wrong for this time and that he can not win if the nominee unless democrats just go totally nuts pulling out all the stops to try to elect him. There is no doubt that this election, like 2018, will depend on the turn out of women, POC, and the young. I don’t think anyone is trying to force Biden down the throats of black women.

    That said my preferred ticket is Warren / Harris or Warren / Buttigieg. I admit I like how Buttigieg stood on stage and took responsibility for screwing up and saying he simply couldn’t get it done, but I do not know how POC feel about that. I am interested to know how you feel about him. Hugs

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    1. Scottie, I will warn you that the same thing happened with the Black vote with Obama. Clinton had a large majority of the Black vote until Obama won Iowa primary caucus. When he won Iowa, the Black vote shifted to him. I think that if Harris simply does much better than expected in places like Iowa and New Hampshire, I think the Black vote will shift to her.

      I personally don’t like Buttigieg. I think he’s a snake in the grass and an opportunist who will never understand the struggles of my people. Thanks.

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  2. i see no advantage in having duplicitous conservative person of color at the helm of empire. that will just make black americans complicit in the crimes she will certainly commit, as it did with obama. you can be sure that as soon as she enters the whitehouse all her progressive promises will disappear and it will be austerity and war. just like with obama. kamala is obama 2.0. sadly, it will probably work. especially on a people who remain unaware of barack’s betrayal of them. that’s why theyll be fooled again. because they are unaware that they were fooled the first time. for 8 trifling years.

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    1. nomad, as I stated, I have been very critical of Harris. As I stated in piece, I just hope Black people don’t allow for the media to force Biden down their throats. They’ll all do the same BS once they’re in office. Obama never duped me because I knew what he would do once in the oval office. So, I never felt any betrayal because I never expected much to begin with. With that said, I still would love to see Harris take Trump to task on stage if for nothing but to see him squirm and cry and piss like white men do when they finally get challenged or don’t get their way. Selfish. But I would enjoy the laugh/sight.


      1. i see. but neither obama or his wife will ever hold a special place in my heart. nor will i celebrate the triumph of a snake, no matter who shes strangling.

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