Lupita Nyong’o reacts to shout-out in Beyoncé’s ‘Brown Skin Girl,’ internet turns song into joyful challenge — theGrio

The internet has been abuzz all weekend about Brown Skin Girl, a new track Beyonce dropped as part of the companion album to The Lion King. But one Hollywood A-lister in particular, seemed extra excited about the song, and even took to her social media to share her glee with her followers.

I usually don’t post about stuff going on with celebrities. However, I am very fascinated with this Brown Skin Girl challenge because looking at Black women is very soothing to me. Also, I think Lupita is the most beautiful woman in Hollywood.

3 thoughts on “Lupita Nyong’o reacts to shout-out in Beyoncé’s ‘Brown Skin Girl,’ internet turns song into joyful challenge — theGrio

  1. I find it ironic that Beyoncé would have a song about that topic on an album tied to a movie franchise with no brown skinned characters let alone humans. If this were its own album, that would be one thing, but to have it be a companion to a movie series with anti-Black undertones (see: the hyenas) makes it counterproductive in my opinion.

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    1. ospreyshire, this is exactly the reason why I limit posts/opinions on anything Hollywood. I don’t follow Beyonce or this movie “franchise”. I just saw a bunch of videos over the weekend of brown women displaying pride in their beauty. I’ll never be up on all the nuances of Hollywood or her people. So, I will make this error again. Thanks for your insight.

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      1. Same here. It’s no wonder most of the movies I watch aren’t mainstream. Haha!

        I seriously don’t blame you. Beyonce can’t act and that “franchise” is nothing but glorified plagiarism of Kimba the White Lion which Disney STILL denies despite how obvious the similarities are. If you want my full opinion (saying nothing about my film reviews on my other blog) on that expensive rip-off here it is:

        Don’t get me wrong. People should be proud of their skin and their natural beauty. What I wasn’t a fan of is that people had to look to a celebrity to find their own self-worth. Even if they did have to look at someone else, couldn’t they just check out India Arie or Danai Gurira to name a few? I still don’t get the Beehive and all those cult-like fandoms.

        No problem, Kreb!

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