Opinion: Trump Didn’t Awaken the Racists, Obama Did

Stop fooling yourselves. When Obama got sworn in in January 2008, racist white people came out of the woodworks. During the time period that Obama was elected and sworn in, November 2007 and January 2008, some white people and many millennials of all races, believed that America may truly be a post racial nation. Then came the promise from Mitch McConnell to all white racists and white nationalists that his single goal was to make Obama a one term president. Then came the Tea Party. Then came “You Lie”. Then came Trump’s birtherism. And so on and so on. White people quickly learned that racism is skin deep. And by that, I mean just underneath the first layer of the skin. Millennials learned that little racial progress had been made in this country since the 1940s. Some white millennials learned that they are just as racist as their parents and grandparents.

Many white people who considered themselves relatively progressive, struggled with accepting this man with brown skin standing behind that POTUS seal on those podiums. Many of these same people found themselves struggling with accepting that melanin poppin’ family in that “white” house. Don’t believe me, ask almost any Black person how many so-called white friends dropped them, or how many white friends they had to drop, after Obama was elected. Don’t believe me, explain how so many white people who voted for Obama and then voted for Trump (who is the polar opposite of Obama), and don’t give me this economy shit. Racism is so blinding that middle-class white people couldn’t see that Obama’s policies benefited them more than any other group in America. Some of Obama’s policies also benefited some of the richest white people in America.

So, let’s squash this crap about Trump awakening all the racists in America. Trump has definitely emboldened them, but Obama and his Black family awakened them. Can another Black person be elected for president in this current presidential election cycle or the next one? I believe one can…as long as they are not an American Descendant of Slaves. So, Cory Booker can forget it. However, Kamala Harris, like Barack Obama, is not a American Descendant of Slaves so she stands a chance. Plus, she’s married to a white man. Do I believe there will ever be a POTUS who is an American Descendant of Slaves? Yes. But it will never happen by most hands of whites in America. In other words, it’ll take two to three more presidential election cycles for an American Descendant of Slaves to have a real shot at being POTUS.

5 thoughts on “Opinion: Trump Didn’t Awaken the Racists, Obama Did

  1. The Catholic Church in the US has a minuscule Black congregation, it may as well have posted a Whites Only sign on every door. Their media sources broadcast overwhelmingly rightwing (Whitewing?) voices that echo to the choir. They spent the eight Obama years railing against the “worst POTUS ever”, wringing their hands, wailing, and gnashing their teeth — denying their institutional racism whenever it would come up, which was damned seldom. The White features of deep tradition frame every character of the Biblical family with White features. They can’t spend enough time cursing Islam and yearning for a reboot of the Crusades. Raymond Aroyo, the principal anchor for EWTN interviewed Trump in an obsequious manner that was absolutely chilling to listen to. The installation of Gorsuch and Kavanaugh proceeded directly from The Federalist Society list of hand-picked candidates. SCOTUS now has a 5-4 plurality of Catholics. They also cannot spend enough hours hating their own Pope.

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  2. Very good points. The thing is you can’t have a Trump unless there was an Obama in the White House. Trump is a bigot as much as how water is wet which we can all agree on that, but the fact that someone of Obama’s complexion got to be elected only revealed the hidden racism. All the current president did was expand and codify it.

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  3. I attended Catholic schools for 12 years but now listen to Catholic radio in order to counter their streaming shit. Perhaps it is just my way to make up for that misspent youth. Cincinnati is a highly racist place: geographically located where Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky meet. The western side of town is so enormously Catholic that they still refer to neighborhoods by their Catholic parish borders. Very few Blacks on that side of town, of course. I-75 went straight through the middle of the largest Black neighborhood in Cincinnati — not to either side, but straight fucking down the main street.

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