Opinion: Marianne Williamson Upset A Whole Lot of White People at Last Night’s Debate

Are many of Marianne Williamson’s beliefs different from what societal norms say they should be? Probably. For that reason, mainstream white media will do all they can to dismiss and minimize her. Why? Because Williamson, a white woman, believes that American Descendants of Slaves should be paid up to $500 Billion in slavery reparations. On this platform, I tried telling all my followers and anyone who would listen to me about Marianne Williamson and Andrew Yang in this piece back in February.

In a recent poll that I will publish here later today, 67% of U.S. residents are opposed to the government issuing cash to American Descendants of Slaves. In that same poll, only 29% say cash should be paid out and most of that 29% are Black people. White people rather hand this country straight over to the devil before they allow the government to pay cash to the descendants that built this country for free. Well, until descendants of slaves are repaired for our ancestors’ blood, sweat, and tears, to hell is exactly where this country is headed. It is one of the reasons why Rev. Jeremiah Wright proclaimed, “…not God blessed America, God damned America…”.

Get ready. After tonight, white people may go apeshit again over the policies of Julian Castro. Like with Marianne Williamson, I blogged about this Mexican-American true Brother back in February as well here. Julian Castro is the truth! What’s sad about this piece I’m writing now is that a white woman and a Mexican-American man is pushing harder on reparations than Kamala Harris (a Black woman) and Cory Booker (an American Descendant of Slaves). To Harris and Booker: Keep on talking about the issues that appease whites and makes them comfortable and see how that unfold for you if you become the democratic candidate for president.

One thought on “Opinion: Marianne Williamson Upset A Whole Lot of White People at Last Night’s Debate

  1. I didn’t catch the last debate, but I do know about Marianne Williamson. I first heard about her from the African Diaspora News Channel FKA The Advise Show where he did some videos about her and eventually interviewed her which was great. It’s great that she’s sticking to her guns to the whole reparation issue. I get that her amount is smaller than what ADOS should get, but I’m glad she’s doing something so many politicians don’t have the balls to do. You’re right how sad it is when a White woman is more willing to give tangibles than Black politicians. That shows which side the corporate shills stand for.

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