Black Woman Reveals How Donald Trump is Ruining Her Interracial Marriage — EURweb

*“My white Republican husband is starting to hate me because the longer we live through this administration the “BLACKER” I become,” a heartbroken Maryland woman wrote on Twitter over the weekend.

Her confession sparked debate after she revealed how President Trump and right-wing media are straining her marriage.

In a Twitter rant on Saturday, a woman by the name Glass Butterfly shared the challenges of interracial marriage in the age of Trump, Raw Story reports.  

I wanted to post this story because one of my favorite bloggers I follow just wrote a piece reminding us that white people will eventually expose their racism no matter how so-called “progressive”, “democratic”, or “liberal” they may claim they are.

8 thoughts on “Black Woman Reveals How Donald Trump is Ruining Her Interracial Marriage — EURweb

  1. Wow, just wow. The crazy part is I can picture stuff like this happening more and more often. I also know what blogger you’re talking about. 🙂

    It’s only a matter of time and the ones who consider themselves on the left are better at hiding that racism from the world. Left or Right, it’s all part of the same bigoted bird.

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  2. From the article.

    ““What’s weird…everything I do for him and our household is starting to be followed by derogatory comments towards me and I’m starting to feel like I’m sucking MASSA’S dick so I won’t get 40 lashings. And I start to think is it the right media or has this always been who he is,” she wrote.”

    And one of the comments to this post about summed it up.

    ” “No One MADE him feel something that wasn’t already there. Once you became someone that maybe his peers didn’t agree with- he started treating you as less than you are. You KNOW the answer. Your just looking for us to give you a different ending- there isn’t one- ”

    And last but not least, this was the icing on the cake.

    “Sean Cory Copper summed it up with, “There are many white men who love fetishizing black women, while hating black people. Slave owners did this all the time. You already know how this ends.”

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    The authors of both comments need to head to the front of the class.

    I have said time and time again that these Black fools who mess around with white devils are going to catch hell! You cannot lie down with the enemy and expect the enemy to not f#$#k you up! Her so-called ‘white republican’ is not just ‘coming out of the racist closet’ thanks to Donald Trump, he was always that way and this is exactly what she gets for thinking that she had some THING. All she had was a racist that had a fetish about a Black ‘slave woman’ and she fulfilled that role play for him. She seriously thought that something that’s a parasite could love?? I am too through!

    Thanks for posting this Kreb! It needs a wide audience! But I must admit, I am literally laughing my ass off because this is funny to me. She’s getting just what she asked for! She made her ‘slave’ bed with her Massa and now he don’t want her to lie in it with him. That is rich!

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