Medical Racism And Its Impact On Health Outcomes — BlackDoctor

Some recent events have prompted us to change focus slightly. In early February 2019, it was revealed that the Democratic Governor of Virginia Ralph Northam, a board-certified physician, had posted inflammatory racist content on his yearbook page from Eastern Virginia School of Medicine. It pictured a white person in “Blackface” standing next to a person in a Klu Klux Klan robe and hood.

Northam originally took responsibility for the photo but never revealed which person, the one in Blackface or the Klansman, was himself. The following day, he back-tracked, claiming not to know how that photo got on his yearbook page.

5 thoughts on “Medical Racism And Its Impact On Health Outcomes — BlackDoctor

  1. I hated to even click on this post because believe me, I have stated time and time again that we do indeed, need to know just who the hell is underneath that black shoe polish and underneath that Klan hood because they have the potential to send us through hell via bad medical treatment and via a racist criminal justice system.

    How millions of us have made it this far with ALL that is against us, I don’t even know! For the love of !!!!!

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    1. I believe we made it this far because we are the original people, Shelby. They only think they want to destroy us. To annihilate the original, most melanin rich people on earth, is to annihilate mankind. I’m proud to have an entire team of Black medical professionals from my dentist to my primary care physician to my optometrist to my therapist service my needs. And they’re all women.

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