Opinion: America’s Chickens Are Coming Home to Roost (for the last time)

America has many sins. Here is a list of some of her sins representing only a fraction of the whole: Enslaving Africans (transatlantic slave trade and the prison industrial complex); Native American Genocide; Japanese American Internment Camps; Unethical and immoral medical experiments on Black Americans; Domestic Terrorism caused by xenophobia of all but white “men”; Jim Crow; Redlining; Mud loans; Unlawfully and unethically invading and occupying sovereign states; Causing global economic instability; Spreading capitalism; Spreading false religion globally; Polluting the world’s air, soils, and waters; Deliberate attempt to oppress every human except white “men”; etc. Please feel free to chime in with the other 99.8% that I didn’t list. As you think about more of her sins, please remember that “American” history began in 1619 A.D., not 1776 A.D. (that falsehood was the beginning of all her lies and propaganda).

When you look at the destructions occurring on American soil, conspiracy theorist from all walks can stand tall and speak confidently. From right-wing domestic terrorism to opioid and heroin addiction to floods, wildfires, hurricanes, heatwaves, etc. The white power structure in America is very aware that their days in power are very, very close to the end. All you have to do is look at their panic and blatancy. We (and when I say “we”, I really mean whites because Black people know better) have learned that every single president other than Obama was/is a staunch racist. The current idiot in the white house is a culmination and representation of all the hate, sin, and buffoonery of white America. Whites are self-destructing at such a fast rate; they are calling everything a crisis.

The white power structure in America believe they are at the top of the food chain. This is evident every time they say “we” are destroying the earth. These idiots really believe that they can destroy the earth. Mother Earth will chew your ass right up spit you out of one of her blowholes. You’re not destroying Mother Earth with all your pollution: you’re destroying yourself, IDIOT! She will be here when there is no evidence that your ass ever even existed here. We will all pay for your lack of respect for Mother Earth because of your greed and inferiority complex. But, if there is any human that will survive your destructive behavior, it will be the most melanin-rich Africans. I hope that our souls rest and that yours forever haunt whatever you left for viewing on Mother Earth. You see, not believing in anything higher than yourself is the main reason you destroyed or oppressed everything in your path. Well get ready, your chickens are coming home to roost (in fact, they’re already at your yard’s edge).

14 thoughts on “Opinion: America’s Chickens Are Coming Home to Roost (for the last time)

  1. Hear! Hear! I am standing and applauding! The chickens are coming home to roost! And what’s more, there is no doubt about it. More and more people are awake to what is going down. They see the writing on the wall. Lamestream media is not the only game in town. The truth is getting exposed for ALL the world to see. Amerikkka has won NO battle in how many years and like Malcolm X said, and I am paraphrasing here, “The white man cannot win a battle by engaging in hand-to-hand combat. That’s not his style. You have to have heart to be a gorilla fighter and the white man doesn’t have heart. All you need is a rifle, some rice and some sneakers and that is why the white man invented weapons to kill people from a distance because he cannot fight up close and win.”

    You can read what Malcolm X said, right here.


    Great post Kreb!

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  2. Thanks for the link to “America’s Chickens are Coming Home to Roost,” Kreb. “Knowledge is Power” is a great resource, I am now a subscriber. White Supremacism relies on turning every truth into a bald-faced lie, the demonization of Arabs, Palestinians — actually any belief system outside the Judeo-Christian conversation gets blasted into oblivion. Here is another gem from “Knowledge is Power” on the bald-faced liars:

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    1. Thanks for adding more prospective to this important topic. Although I have MANY differences with Obama and how he governed (especially when it came to lack of pro policies affecting descendants of slaves). However, I cannot label him as a “staunch” racist because it is obvious that he totally loves his Black daughters. From experience, I know that love when I see it. Thanks, nomad.


      1. nomad, feel free to express your opinion on my blog. I truly value your opinion. I just never want my posts (especially my opinion pieces) to get off topic. I also never want my blog to become a batting cage for the Obama presidency when there are so many more that presided over slavery, Jim Crow, and all the other things mentioned in this original piece. I thank you so much following and offering your wisdom on some of my pieces. It’s an honor.


      2. i know i said i wasnt going to say anymore but i guess its my pet peeve. i dont like to see my people deceived. when they have been bamboozled, i want them to know it. that guards against being fooled again.

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