Teen registers people to vote while they’re in line for new chicken sandwich at Popeyes — fox8.com

CHARLOTTE, N.C.— A North Carolina teen has helped more than a dozen people who lined up to buy a chicken sandwich get the chance to line up at the polls.

News outlets report 17-year-old David Ledbetter says he registered 16 people to vote at a Popeyes restaurant in Charlotte on Saturday.

Many people have flocked to Popeyes nationwide to try the new menu item. A tweet announcing the sandwich’s release sparked a Twitter war with Chick-fil-A and Wendy’s. Consumers have been comparing chicken sandwiches sold at the fast-food restaurants. https://fox8.com/2019/08/26/teen-registers-people-to-vote-while-theyre-in-line-for-new-chicken-sandwich-at-popeyes/

11 thoughts on “Teen registers people to vote while they’re in line for new chicken sandwich at Popeyes — fox8.com

  1. Too bad the polling stations can’t be located in fast food restaurants, for if they did, the numbers of voters showing up at the polls to vote wouldn’t be so dismally bad. I just cannot believe the outrageous ridiculousness of running to grab a chicken sandwich. For the love of !!!!!! If only Americans showed this much enthusiasm over what’s really important like housing the homeless, feeding the hungry which includes children, screeching about mas incarceration of mostly American descendants of slaves, income inequality, gentrification, drug saturated communities, gangs, violence, prostitution and the list of the like is endless. But no, Popeye’s touts a chicken sandwich and everyone goes nuts. I’m just shaking my head!

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    1. Like you Shelby, I know hardly any of those people in that “chicken” line won’t ever stand in a voting line. My goal is to have my readers say, “David Ledbetter”. I’m shaking my head too. Thanks, for adding, Shelby.

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  2. At least registering to vote is constructive. Like others with their heads on straight, I too believe that the chicken sandwich craze has gone way too far. I even saw a clip of an acapella group singing right outside of a Popeyes singing a song about this sandwich without any irony or satire. That was beyond embarrassing. Good on David Ledbetter for doing something important despite the pure insanity of of this fried chicken GMO-loaded Frankenfood craze.

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      1. Thanks, Kreb. I think that’s the first time anyone said mic drop to what I said. Haha! Okay, I have to get back to being seriousness. At least David Ledbetter is doing something good for the community. Does anyone else feel that the timing of that sandwich seems really insulting?

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      2. Thanks for letting me know. Shows how much I don’t care let alone the fact I haven’t had chicken since the Bush administration. I guess the timing of the sandwich becoming viral is the thing that’s insulting then.

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