Opinion: Which Whites Are White Supremacists and Which Are White Nationalists

Recently, I heard a scholar refer to white republicans as white nationalists and referred to white democrats as white supremacists. Since he didn’t categorize white independents, are they the apologists for white privilege? Just saying.

As I thought about the scholar’s references to whites, I thought about the level of disdain white republicans/conservatives and white democrats/liberals appear to have for one another. Black people don’t seem to have the same disdain for each other based on political ideology. What I’ve seen is Black democrats either laughing at or feeling sorry for Black republicans for voting against their own interests (maybe because it’s so few of them). White conservatives often refer to white liberals as “elitists” (sounds a little “supremist” to me) and white liberals often paint white conservatives as single issue, bible thumping, gun-toting goobers or rich, spoiled white men/women (like Trump) who thinks everything that is not white is cursed and beneath them (sounds a little “purist” to me).

I also tried to assess the validity of this claim. One thing I thought about is that if the white nationalists (republicans) achieve their goal of a pure white nation, the white supremacists (democrats) will have to find something else within their own race to feel supreme about (which may be too nuanced for them). I also think the white nationalists will be in for a big surprise when they realize, after all other races are gone, that it was always the whitist, most purist Anglo-Saxons who were behind nearly all the ills and evils that plague the United States.

In summary, I’m not sure if the scholar’s references are correct; however, there is one thing that I am sure about as I thought about his claims: neither white nationalists nor white supremacists want for people of color (especially descendants of slaves), to go “back home” or any place else for that reason. Because if we did, it will nullify their ideologies.

One thought on “Opinion: Which Whites Are White Supremacists and Which Are White Nationalists

  1. Nice insight on the issue. The political aspects might be genuine and different on each party’s respective parts, but the end game is still the same: subjecting Black people to be the perpetual underclass. Reminds me of the Wolf and the Fox speech from Malcolm X.


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