Amber Guyger Trial Update: She was Distracted by Texts from Lover — EURweb

*As we reported yesterday, the trial of Amber Guyger is underway in Dallas. Guyger is the white former Dallas cop who shot and killed an unarmed black man. 46 more words

Amber Guyger Trial Update: She was Distracted by Texts from Lover — EURweb

I prefer to use her mugshot for the featured image. So tired of this damn white privilege and media bias.

11 thoughts on “Amber Guyger Trial Update: She was Distracted by Texts from Lover — EURweb

  1. I heard that this racist bitch actually went on a cruise right after killing Botham Shem Jean. I have been trying to find the articles stating that because they were out shortly after she killed him and now, they are no longer viewable. Go figure! This racist bitch with her pretend tears and as far as I am concerned, from what I have seen of the prosecution, there has been none. Correct me if I’m wrong.


      1. I said the same thing when the story first broke. Now they are trying to say that she was on the phone with her ‘lover’ who also was a cop. Why did Jean’s neighbors state that they heard her banging on his door, demanding entrance? They are also trying to say that she was outraged because of ‘noise’ coming from his apartment. The lies just keep changing. For the love of !!! My old posts about this are being viewed. I am still trying to dig up what I know I saw when this first went down about fellow cruise ship passengers aghast at seeing her on a cruise after she had just killed a man and now she’s somewhere drumming up fake tears for the jury and the media is playing that shit up! This shit just makes my blood boil!!!!

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      2. Why am I not shocked? She was probably ‘doing’ the whole police force and them some. And now they’re trying to make her look like a school girl with that courtroom getup. Unfortunately, some will want to be fooled by that fake ass shit!

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  2. yes, she got 10 years prison sentence and JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED!, WAIT, that killer THOUGHT THAT SHE WILL JUST BE SETFREE – get hired back on the force , and Proudly once again wear her Funeral suit, That rotten pussy Troll honestly thought that she would be able to roam around once again and start back killing up innocent black folks? like so many non blacks officers have done throughout this country , for years! Well it may have been possible if the DA’ in that case and the Judge was part of the Good Ole Boys gang and proud Klan Members. Surely as we go, she had to find out the hard way, that she can’t get away with murder and get a quick dismissal when a black woman is the Judge and a white male DA, is amongst the few that’s abiding by the laws that govern this country. Do she realize , In many proud white Americans eyes she is a got damn low down Traitor to the pure white race- especially to all those die heart Trump supporter, Based on a fact she was sleeping with a un fateful- dirty ass roach infested wetback name Sgt. Martin Rivera and I’m not a racist- this statement comes straight from the Great white hope supporters – the purest form of white folks , that will continue to frown down on this bottomless bitch that ‘s lower than a worm within their eyes , Note; it don’t matter how many racist text messages she sent out and killing a negro – that Trash could never prove her loyalty to the Klansmen- The ENTIRE Klan Organization across this Great land will from this day forward refuse to accept that Filthy tainted whore, within KKK 9TH Chapter Dallas Tx. Organization, and other tainted OUTCASTS like her born within the white race, and are working within the justice system – that are sleeping with the enemies- non- whites! You are better off dropping off the face of the Earth, and Like her will never be under Pure White Folks Protection this is found in Code 66 of Chapter 73 of the Hell bound Amendment V.1 Trader Joes

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