Black girl assaulted by White boys who cut her dreadlocks at school —

Amber Allen. Photo: via @ZyonnAllen Facebook A Black girl was harassed and assaulted by White male students while in school. The incident occurred at a predominately White private school in Springfield, Virginia, according to… 345 more words

Black girl assaulted by White boys who cut her dreadlocks at school —

7 thoughts on “Black girl assaulted by White boys who cut her dreadlocks at school —

    1. Shelby, they know the more we embrace our natural hair, the more we reject them and their European standard of beauty and supremacy. That’s why it’s been so much in the news and even legislation (states) about Black hair. Stockholm syndrome is falling, and so is their “empire”.

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      1. Exactly! Many Black women are indeed, embracing their natural hair. I have embraced mine after years of relaxers. My hair is growing by leaps and bounds since I cut that relaxed mess out of it. When I used to work at Bank of American in Baltimore, over a decade ago, everyone was surprised that I did not have a weave. My hair has always been long and I always frowned on weaves and wigs, but not relaxers. But even I have given up relaxing my hair. We have been making the Asians rich since they have corned the market on Black hair products. Black women have made them a fortune on wigs and hair pieces and now that we are embracing our natural hair, it’s all of a sudden a problem Well, they can just kiss my ass because I am going to continue to sport my natural hair and it’s actually easier to deal with and cheaper to keep up.

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  1. I have taught in private, White-privileged suburban as well as inner-city public schools. Nastiness accompanies White privilege every time. Every damned time. At one so-called “academy” I was actually fired for following the principal’s instruction to teach-to-the-test in a mathematics class. The principal called a meeting with “concerned” White parents whose children were affected by that principal’s “need” for higher standardized test scores. Of course, I was neither informed of the meeting nor invited. The next morning I was dismissed. Nice White schools are cesspools.
    And Stockholm syndrome is White conceit.

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  2. Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch attended the same private school. The Federalist Society maintains Trump’s shortlist for SCOTUS nominees. It certainly does not include Merrick Garland — or anyone within a lightyear of Thurgood Marshall.

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