Breaking News: Amber Guyger Found Guilty Of Murdering Neighbor — 99.3-105.7 Kiss FM

Amber Guyger, a white former Dallas police officer who shot her unarmed black neighbor in his own apartment was found guilty of murder on Tuesday, ending an unusual and high-profile case that featured issues of race, policing and mistaken identity. Guyger could face life in prison when sentenced. See story here

Breaking News: Amber Guyger Found Guilty Of Murdering Neighbor — 99.3-105.7 Kiss FM

31 thoughts on “Breaking News: Amber Guyger Found Guilty Of Murdering Neighbor — 99.3-105.7 Kiss FM

  1. Hello Kreb. None of her story made sense and there were too many glaring points that should have clued her she was at the wrong door and in the wrong apartment. I think more is going to come out. I wonder if there was either a relationship or a feud going on. Either one of those or she was on drugs of some type. She is a cop, so she was trained to take in her surroundings, yet totally missed all the clues it was not her place? Hugs

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      1. I do as well! Something is mighty funky here! It reeks to high heaven! “Mistaken apartment,” my ass! I have worked two jobs, never did see my bed, but not once did I, tired as hell, head home and forget where the hell I lived. I never bought that bullshit tall tale and I never will. This bitch deserves the death penalty for what she did!

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      2. I hope that she spends the rest of her racist, worthless ass life in prison without the possibility of parole! And though she will most likely end up in some type of protective custody, there are ways for other prisoners to get to her racist ass. That is why in the title of my blog, I stated that she would get to be ‘Big Sally’s Bitch’ in Cell block C. If she ain’t gay now, she will be in a few weeks!

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      3. Hello Kreb. I have never lived in an apartment building but I understand that sound travels from one apartment into another. His apartment was directly above hers. Did she get angry over some sound from his apartment and came up with this scheme to get back at him? Hugs

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      4. Scottie, there are reports of her making a noise complaint. I personally think that complaint is directly related to him dumping her crazy, nasty ass. My experiences have been that white women are not taught and generally don’t approach Black men to kill them; usually, there’s something else on their mind.

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      1. Can you believe it??!! Botham Shem Jean’s brother begged the judge to be allowed to hug the racist bitch that killed his brother and then the goddamn judge handed the racist bitch, a bible and hugged her as well! What the hell????!!! We, who didn’t even know Botham Shem Jean, are more upset over his senseless, needless murder than his own goddamn family! For the love of !!!!!!! Are we in the damn Twilight Zone or what the f**k???!!!

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      2. I couldn’t believe it. I guarantee you if the races were reversed, there wouldn’t be any hugging going on. His brother was way too forgiving. Very good point how all of us who don’t know Botham Jean personally cared way more about this situation. It’s one thing to be spiritual, but that was too much. I seriously feel that Black people are the only people in America who are forced to forgive no matter how bad they’ve been wronged. There’s a difference between someone making a mistake or showing up late for something and someone who straight up KILLED an innocent person.

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      3. Ospreyshire, seriously! I sat with mouth hanging open because I just could NOT believe that shit! I just couldn’t. I am still trying to wrap my head around what just happened. And I wonder how many defendants did that Black judge hug after sentencing them to prison for waaaaay longer than this racist bitch was sentenced. And they know she racist because her racist texts surfaced. This is why I get bent-out-of-shape over how brainwashed Black people are over the white man’s made-up religion. Black people act like absolute fools over the white’s religion. As much as I hate to, I am going to have to do another blog on this mess! Like I said before, this is some damn Twilight Zone shit!

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      4. Yeah, and I was absolutely stunned. She was found dead to rights and got such a soft sentence. There are people with nonviolent offenses like drug possession for example who are doing way more time. Yeah, I seriously doubt she would’ve hugged the defendants who looked like someone from that judge’s family. I swear she, that one deputy mammy, and possibly Botham’s brother must have been paid off or at the very least intimidated. I may not be the toughest person out there, but even I would’ve have forgiven Guyger if I was part of the Jean family. Yeah, White Jesus is a heck of an idol which is sad, yet true in this society. I agree that it’s just like the Twilight Zone.

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  2. Amber may face the same Fate as Jeffrey Drummer when she become a legal resident of TDC. Hopefully she will come face to face with prison inmates that she arrested , and they will not hold back one ounce of anger they have toward her, and the black prison guards will turn their backs , when those black inmates rip her cracker barrel ass to pieces, so instead of 10 years lets just say she has an automatic death sentence handed down by inmates that don’t have nothing to lose, and want revenge ‘ giving that racist mother fucker the Justice that she rightfully deserve! Honestly these crooked ass bitches that has been on the force for years in Houston that daily roam the streets – need to also have the same reality check, and be brought to justice for years of wrongdoing that they carried out across the city . Coming face to face with the proud blacks that took over those Racist SOB’s seats within the criminal courthouse, and just like their Klan members didn’t have any mercy for black folks when they were brought before them , the same measure pressed down and shaken together but in a much higher dose should be handed down on their diseased infested ass- Moto; change has come, no more mercy- the scales of Justice has to be balanced , which means an eye for an eye- what was done to black folks for decades , now it will be done likewise unto them- as fair game. Blind Justice these RACIST career criminals will soon Face!!!! All in favor say, You heard me’

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