Is The “N” Word Hurting Us? (Pt. 1) — BlackDoctor

Two of the most pervasive sources of misinformation and racial oppression were the construction of race and the creation of the “Nigger” as a non-human beast. 182 more words

Is The “N” Word Hurting Us? (Pt. 1) — BlackDoctor

3 thoughts on “Is The “N” Word Hurting Us? (Pt. 1) — BlackDoctor

  1. I appreciate that description of those original 13 as “companies.” The most familiar soundbites — such as “the original 13 colonies” — are insidious and self-congratulatory. Every time you rip away the soundbites, you shine a light on the scattering cockroaches behind them.

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  2. When will American descendants of slaves stop using that derogatory term? There is no way in hell that that word can be considered, “a term of endearment,” when we are aware of its origins.Our ancestors certainly did not find that word to have an ‘endearing’ impact on them towards those who were using it against them when they were ‘feeling them up, raping them, lashing their backs, shackling them and ‘breeding’ them like they were cattle.

    You don’t hear the Chinese going around calling other Chinese, “Chinks.” You don’t hear Mexicans calling other Mexicans, “wetbacks or spics.” We are the ONLY group of people who CHOOSE to claim the most derogatory word on this planet and apply it to ourselves. That is why I don’t watch comedians because I don’t find a damn thing funny about that word and they use it ALL the time. My own worthless mother used to call us that; she still would if any of us would go around her long enough to sit up and listen to her mess. I have never used that word in my everyday language and I never would. The only time I make use of that word is on my blog when I am pointing out that we use it like we’re only saying, “brother.” What is wrong with us??!!! I just throw my hands up because I no longer despair FOR us, I despair OF us!

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