‘You’re Hurting Me’: Video Shows White Adoptive Father Grabbing Black Girl as She Sobs and Screams ‘Help’ — Atlanta Black Star

A white man who claims to have adopted four Black children was shown on video grabbing and pulling the arms of his Black apparently adopted daughter as she cried outside of a Florida apartment complex Friday. 519 more words

‘You’re Hurting Me’: Video Shows White Adoptive Father Grabbing Black Girl as She Sobs and Screams ‘Help’ — Atlanta Black Star

25 thoughts on “‘You’re Hurting Me’: Video Shows White Adoptive Father Grabbing Black Girl as She Sobs and Screams ‘Help’ — Atlanta Black Star

  1. Hello Kreb. Good Dogs, I know I live in a backward state of Florida, but this is sickening. I have seen racism openly used and defended. But to justify child abuse. I have a sibling that is mentally disabled, she was born oxygen deprived and has the mind of a small child. She is in NY and if any one of her care givers had done this they would have been brought up on charges and convicted. While I do not suspect the girl was running from the white men for that reason, I do think they were abusing her. She was too rational on the video, she made clear her fears and that the man was hurting her. Damn it this government likes to claim that grandparents, or other extended siblings bringing children across the border is child trafficking yet here may be a real clear sign of it and no one cares? This bothers me more than you could know. I was an abused child unable to protect my self from those far bigger and much stronger than I. Please keep me informed what happens in this. Hugs

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  2. It is absolutely wrong for whites to be able to adopt Black children. Those children are treated like slaves. They are sexually abused, tortured, starved and murdered. Look at what happened when those two lesbians adopted all Black children. They abused, starved and then murdered those children even though there had been many instances where the abuse was known and nothing was done about it.

    As is everything involving American descendants of slaves, it is a setup! My heart is heavy for those children. And another fact is that Black people are trying to adopt Black children, but instead, they are being given over to whites for the express purpose of getting f****d up!

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      1. True! I saw a lot of that when I lived in Minnesota and I didn’t like seeing it. They put the lies out that Black people don’t adopt. That is false. Black try to adopt, but since the ‘system’ is controlled by whites, there ya go. Those racist assholes are doing that shit on purpose!

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  3. You may not be able to see this, but I legitimately cried watching that video. I don’t even feel comfortable saying what I would want to do to those two monsters abusing that poor child if I witnessed it. This is unspeakably horrific and I hope they get identified, arrested, and that the child can be sent to a loving home. I would bet you money if Pookie and Ray Ray did that mess to a white child, then they’d be arrested on the spot assuming if they aren’t gunned down on sight.

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      1. Thanks. I feel like everything is too much over this past week. First the Amber Guyger trial, that story of that witness from said trail being murdered, and now this? Can anyone blame me or anyone else for having so many emotions going on right now?

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      2. Thank you, Kreb. I hated it when people thought I was either a robot or too emotional depending on the situation. I ended up suppressing a lot of it, but blogging saved me in that regard by expressing my thoughts about various things. I learned having emotions isn’t a bad thing especially when it comes to serious issues.

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  4. Hello ShelbyCourtland. I think you are being overly broad with your idea that all people who adopt children of color are abusive. Yes it is true that a percentage are, that is not in question, but also there are many who simply see these children as children and want to give them a loving wonderful home with a family who love them. I think in the end both you and I want the same thing, children who need a loving family to get one, regardless of skin color. Hugs


    1. Scottie, white people have got to stop reminding Black people that since 100% of you all don’t do, or haven’t been caught doing racist and hateful shit, then Blacks should be happy or satisfied that it’s not happening across the board. How often do you hear about Black people doing heinous ass shit to white people. Contrary to what whites do, generally, Black people spend very little time thinking about white people. I wasn’t raised to feel inferior to whites or to fear you all. I’m not saying I’m superior to anyone, but I know I am a direct descendant of the original man and woman and I fully understand how powerful my melanin is. However, I spend very little time thinking about what white people think.

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      1. Hello Kreb. While there is individual black on white crime it is not facilitated in a systemic institutionalized way. But I think you misunderstood what I was trying to say. I do care about inequality. I do strive for equality of all. As an open gay man I have been the subject of bigotry and discrimination, and I did not like it. So why would I like that others are discriminated against. The things I post and comment on are in the hopes of creating a better society by showing people where we need to change and focus on. To show the problems and their depth. Be well. Hugs

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      2. Scottie, I never suggested that you don’t care about equality. Equally, I never suggested what is in your individual heart. And please remember, bigotry and racism are different and they are NOT equal. Thanks.

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      3. Hello Kreb. Your comment to me was in response to my comment to ShelbyCourtland. I disputed that all adoptions of children of color was abusive and harmful to the child. Your response to that person and their assertion about how that is always

        They are sexually abused, tortured, starved and murdered

        is as discriminatory , racist, and bigoted as the very things you keep claiming white people are to POC. Look if I claimed that all black people are lazy or all black people are low IQ it would be the same bigotry as was expressed about white people adopting children of color. I also disagree with your idea that racism and discrimination are different. They are based / rooted in the same idea. While we all have biases and prejudices , it seems some of us are willing to challenge ours and to try to raise above them when they are wrong. You have repeated seem to express a superiority to white people with comments such as you are the true child of god. That assumption of being better than another person of a different skin tone is just as bad as a white supremacist. It is racial bigotry. I want a world where character is important and skin tone doesn’t matter, but we wont get there if we simply entrench in our own racial communities. Different groups in this country have been abused and it is still happening today. POC have a systemic built in hurtle to over come. But overcoming that doesn’t mean taking out that frustration on white people. It means working with allies to form a more perfect union, an equality for all. There was a great song about how no man is an island, the same is true of race. Hugs


      4. Scottie, why spend so much of time trying to get people like Shelby and me to feel differently about whites. I think I mentioned to you before to spend more of your time trying to change the minds of some of your racist white family members, friends, and neighbors. That’s where you stand your best chances of making the world equal.

        You can call what you think I believe “superiority”. I call it the truth. Scottie, the greatest gift to planet Earth is the Sun. That gift can also be the worst enemy to none and low melanin people. In the wild, mothers kill, abandon, or eat offspring born with albinism or lack of melanin. Yet, your people try to hold these mutants as royal, beauty, superior. Let their asses stay with mom and not snatch them up and see what happens. Just saying.


      5. Hello Kreb. I am in this discussion because racism and bigotry are wrong no matter where they are coming from and these comments I have pointed out are both. Hey if you do not want to talk about it, I can leave. While I have been supportive of the needs to change society and to fix the problems facing POC I have been attacked and accused of things I simply do not believe. Also if you followed my blog you would know that I fight as hard against white people and their bigotry so I am already doing and have been doing the whole change the white persons mind thing. Again you are making an argument where none exists. Hey I understand the whole

        …first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.

        Kreb do you not agree that racism of any kind is wrong? If so lets work together to get rid of it all entirely. This is not a I win you lose situation. Do you not see your last paragraph is bigotry? It is claiming a privilege and superiority based on your skin color? My people? I thought I was a human, that is my species. I guess my people might be my husband and our son? Kreb I am not the one trying to divide us here, you are. We are not wild animals, were are intelligent reasoning animals blessed with large brains. Skin color means nothing. It is neither a sign of superiority nor a curse. Let go of that idea. Let go of the idea that some need to be superior. Hugs


      6. Scottie, you change the world in the way that you see fit and I’ll do the same. There is no need for you and me work together on this. We do not share the same goals or visions; therefore, it would not make sense for us to work together. Good luck in your works, though. And yes, one person can change the world (for god or bad).


      7. Hello Kreb. I understand. While it saddens me that you feel we can not work together to make a better society for all of us, you have the right to go in the direction you feel best as do I. I do not look at this as a thing that can be done in an instant or even all at once. This will take time and many people to achieve a real lasting equality and a grand society for all. I do disagree we do not share the same goal, if that goal is equality and the same rights , opportunity, and acceptance of all people. If that is what you want, then we do share the same goal. I also wish you the best. I think this country needs all our voices to counter the hate being spread by the administration, white nationalist, the proud boys, and all their kind. While we can not change the past we can make a better future for everyone. Be well Kreb, I wish you the best. Hugs

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      8. Again, fight your fight and I’ll fight mine. It is estimated that it would take something close to 200 years (don’t quote me on the number of years) for Blacks to close the financial wealth gap with whites. You seem to be an educated man and I’m sure you know about this statistic.

        You see Scottie, when whites have had a 400 year head start over the people they oppressed, it makes since to you that a few more years is worth waiting. My man, your family don’t suffer institutional white supremacy/racism like mine. We don’t share the same goals and vision because I want my people to STOP FUCKING SUFFERING YESTERDAY! Please DROP it, SIR!


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