Mercy, Mercy Me – When Black People Forgive So Much That It Hurts — the conscience cloud

There are many things that America has umm… borrowed from it’s citizens of color- Rock and roll, Rhythm and blues, soul & swag, dreads & dashikis, lips & hips, style & slang. But America-if the goal is flattery through mimicry or just flat out cultural appropriation, then what is taking you so long to copy […]

Mercy, Mercy Me – When Black People Forgive So Much That It Hurts — the conscience cloud

21 thoughts on “Mercy, Mercy Me – When Black People Forgive So Much That It Hurts — the conscience cloud

  1. Hello Kreb. I can not agree with the article. Sorry but to me the examples of white violence to black people he listed are examples of the way that POC have been ingrained to forgive the transgressions done to them by white people. Notice it doesn’t apply to harm to people of the same skin tone. During slavery in the US it was drilled into black people that no matter what was done to them , whites had the right to do it, and they needed to be grateful and accepting. Then when slavery was no more the whites really had to reinforce that message or they might be the victim of the very things they were doing to the black folk. Over hundreds of years it has been ingrained into the POC to forgive and not seek rightful justice. I am totally against that. I determine things this way, if the roles and races had been reversed, a black male cop goes into a white woman’s apartment and opens fire on her as she is sitting on her couch eating ice cream… do we even get to the reasons why? He would have been convicted and sent away for life, murder most high! So no I do not accept the sentence in this case, while I am glad she got something to validate she took an innocent life. I also do not accept it is a good thing the brother forgave her and gave her a hug. Again if it was reverse would the white family have asked to give hugs to the black man who killed their sister? It is simply making black people less than, less worthy people than whites. Ok I expect I will get hate mail for my stance, but I can not see why POC should be expected to act in a manner that white people are not expected too do so. Hugs

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      1. Hello Kreb. I have always believed the “playing field” was very unequal toward black people. In ever aspect of our society. I think the slaves in the south not only built the wealth there and the structures of that area of the country, but if you look at what happened after slavery and the work poor black people could get, they basically built the infrastructure of our country. At the same time they were systematically discriminated against and it was ingrained into society. More overtly in some areas and less so in others, but they were still never quite allowed to be equal to a white person.
        I have never denied this. I see it, I hate it, I am angry when people I know run into it.

        The question is what to do about it. I have had my ideas, and you have shared yours with me. However when I offered to work with you to archive those goals you said you think the descendants of slaves should walk the path alone, forgoing help or assistance from white people like my self. That is your right and if that is what you want I support your right to do so. I think it is short sighted and rather spiteful, but it is your right. However I will not ever stop fighting for true equality of people, regardless of race or other statuses. As a gay many I have faced extreme prejudiced in my life, it tends to make you understand how bad it is for anyone. Hugs

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      2. Scottie, I’m going to take two sentences from your reply to convey to you why I feel that my people should walk this journey alone: “I think the slaves in the south not only built the wealth there and the structures of that area of the country, but if you look at what happened after slavery and the work poor black people could get, they basically built the infrastructure of our country.” “As a gay many I have faced extreme prejudiced in my life, it tends to make you understand how bad it is for anyone.”

        The “south”. Scottie, whites have a tendency to want to relegate Slaves building the infrastructure of this country to the southern states. Damn man, Slaves built D.C. and all those ivy league institutions in the north. Also, notice how you said “basically built”. Words like “basically” are minimization words. Scottie, please stop comparing your struggles as a gay man to my struggles as an ADOS. There is no comparison. In fact, I worked around a lot of gay whites as an educator. Many of them were some of the most racist people I’ve ever met. And no, they did not understand the ADOS struggle. They only thought they did.

        Scottie, by you believing we need your help, it reveals that you know that the entire government is just an industrial complex to hold ADOS down and that you feel we don’t stand a chance going at this alone. Well, you have no idea of our strength when we are the same accord. I will always believe in the power of our melanin and that it will get us where we need to be as a people. My people are God’s people. Thanks.

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      3. Hello Kreb. You read a more in what I write than what is meant and it distorts what I am saying. You also lump groups of people together and have a view that if some do it, then all do it. You have a negative view, a prejudice of white people and it shows against all white people. For example you say that because some people do not acknowledge or credit the contributions of POC in the history of our nation , all white people do not credit or understand the history. Not all white people are the enemy Kreb. Some of us just want to share the same society in equality. Be well. Hugs


      4. Scottie, my long tenure as a leader and principal leader has taught me to not use absolute words like “all” as much as possible. You threw out several accusations of me. I’m not going to spend any time defending them because I don’t think you have receipts for them. You’ve openly talked about your views and your lifestyle on these blogs. Not once have I attacked your views or lifestyle let alone accused YOU (individually) of anything. Let that soak in.

        Scottie, you and your people owe me and my people immensely for the FUCKING crime of SLAVERY. Until me and my people are made whole from that, all bets are OFF as far as I am concerned. Where do you stand on reparations for ADOS, Scottie?

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      5. Hello Kreb Wrong! I do have your own words. Please see my latest response to your last comment to me. Remember your words here about absolute words. I owe POC and all people an equal society, nothing less and nothing more. What you want is not equality, you want superiority. I can not support that. If you can not or will not work with other people because of their color to achieve a goal then you are simply a bigot and racist. As for reparations I have addressed that with you, you simply want cash. Turn over money now! That wont solve the problem. We need to fix education, wages, home buying, loans, heck so much more that has been historically used to keep POC repressed. That will take new laws, it will take a media campaign, it will take people of all races and differences working together. You want 30 acres and a mule for every black person? How does that change the forces stacked against them? This issue is much deeper than simply money. Yes there is a way to make money part of it. But it is not the end all. Hugs


      6. The oppressor telling the oppressed what they need to be made whole. Stop telling me what is in my heart, dude. I see you big keyboard muscles from here. Chill out. Do you just simply want to argue with a Black man on the internet. There is no way my stances or opinions can mean so much to you. I’m one man but I’m sure you know and are related to a BUNCH of bigots and racists that you may be able to help.
        Scottie, what you want for reparations for ADOS is a couple of lifetimes where you are likely to be dead and gone and not see it to fruition with your own eyes. As for what you stated about me wanting money and land, I don’t make it a habit of discussing my financial status on or offline; however, I will go as far to tell you I don’t want for anything and that a whole lot of people would switch financial situations with me at the drop of a hat. I excelled in life in spite of all the institutional racist challenges placed directly in my pathway. Thank you.

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      7. Hello Kreb . Your first paragraph is unreasonable and unwarranted. I simply will not continue to have this conversation if you are going to throw around unwarranted accusations. I am not your oppressor and to continue to see me that way is racist. I would suggest you chill out, I have been doing my best to apply reason here, not Ad hominem attacks.

        I am talking to you because you made a comment on my blog, and I followed it back to yours. As I am interested in equality I followed your blog and when I could I read and commented on the things you posted. Again if you read my blog you would see I also posted on many of those same things.

        Kreb your financial situation is not in question nor has ever been. I hope only that your needs are met. My point is every time we discuss this it comes down to money. You have insisted that descendant of slaves must be given money. That alone wont solve the problem as we have already discussed. You say that my way would be a couple lifetimes away. Ok it took us several hundred years to get here, a couple of decades to really fix it seems reasonable. We do not have magic wands we can simply make everything better or OK. But my question is do you want it better for you now, or better for all POC / ADOS including those in the future? A simple one time fix wont do that for them.

        OK, I see you have two more comments to get to . I am trying to put a lot of time and effort into responding to you and you are replying faster than I can do so. Hugs


      8. Hello Kreb. I did make a mistake in my comment with one word. The sentence

        What you want is not equality, you want superiority

        shouldn’t have used the word “superiority” it should have been “revenge” Hugs


      9. Hello Kreb WTF? Really what is that? did you suddenly not be able to express a coherent thought? Did you have a stroke? Is this the level of discourse you want to have? Hugs


      10. Are you scared of “revenge”? You accused me of wanting “revenge”. Is that what really scares so many whites? My man, I guess you have got me all figured out. It’s becoming clear that you may be one of white people with a lot of experience arguing with ADOS online. Fight your fight and I’ll fight mine. Thank you.

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      11. Hello Kreb. Stop, you are coloring this with your own biases I do not share. I was replying to your own written comments. Do you want me to go back and break them down line by line? I do agree with you that revenge does scare many whites, or I think it does. The older whites who have had white privilege all their lives and are face with the idea that they might not have that privilege any more. The ones who complain about having to push #1 for English or who hear Spanish being spoken and get upset. The ones who think they should get off when pulled over by a police officer of color.

        The younger more violent racist do not care about that. They simply want to force their world view on everyone else, same as with Christian evangelicals.

        Kreb again you ascribe to me things I simply do not have. It seems to be your bias in this not mine. I have never talked to anyone, online or off about ADOS. Nor about reparations. I was exploring all that on your blog. But now you seem to have cut that topic off on us with your preconceived ideas of who , what , or where I am coming from ideas.

        I hate to accuse you of bias but your own statement about

        It’s becoming clear that you may be one of white people with a lot of experience arguing with ADOS online.

        is not only wrong but highly insulting as it implies a motive I do not have. Again you are way ahead of me in replying, so I will close this and go to your next repley. Hugs


  2. It would appear, that to those like Scottie, American descendants of slaves can’t read, write or cipher and so we need someone to do that shit for us. And I am SO damn tired of the gays claiming that know of our struggles when they are not walking around with a sign on their forehead, backs or stomachs proclaiming their ‘gayness’. If they don’t want to have someone spit on them, then they can just keep that ‘gay’ mess under wraps and quite frankly, no one is coming for gays like whites come for us, day in and day out as they have done for hundreds of years.

    As American descendants of slaves, our skin color is front and center every single day and we get shot for it. Unless Scottie is walking around sporting whiskers with a dress and high heels on and makeup, no one is just assuming that he is gay and spitting on him or denying him entrance to any establishment. Regardless of how people feel about gays, their plight is nothing compared to ours and in my opinion, they don’t even have a plight. Not a one of those white gays would want to trade places with our Black asses. Yeah! They’d know REAL discrimination then. And I am going to post this video of this young lady who is right on point about reparations. Maybe Scottie can come back and view it since this young Black lady obviously knows how to read, write, speak and cipher.

    BTW! Great reply to Scottie, Kreb.

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    1. Hello ShelbyCourtland. You know the being tired of a smug attitude goes both ways. Your assumptions about me and how I view people of color are as repugnant as a person saying crap shit about blacks. I already used the “all blacks are lazy” and “black people are low IQ” as examples. You know nothing of my relationships with POC. You might want to ask before making a statement that many could see as bigoted. Also you must realize that skin color alone doesn’t single a person out for abuse and harm, but it also is not a justifiable reason for it either. This is not a zero sum game where for you to win we must lose, or the reverse. It is about all of us working together to reach the top of the mountain. If anyone group tries to do it alone they will fail. Look at the white people claiming they can go it alone, they have failed to make a better society. Hugs


  3. You’re right Shelby, “Not a one of those white gays would want to trade places with our Black asses.” But I promise you, with what white people are doing to this planet, they will do anything at all to “trade places with our Black assess” when they start dropping and disappearing like the honeybees today in wanting our melanin to save their assess. WE WILL SURVIVE THEIR HATRED AND BULLSHIT!!!!

    Scottie, if you read this, where do you stand on reparations for ADOS? Thanks in advance.

    BTW, I LOVE the video. It’s a part of my favorites. THANK YOU.

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    1. “Scottie, if you read this, where do you stand on reparations for ADOS?”

      On another blog you published, Scottie basically said that he does not approve of reparations in monetary form, but he feels that some sort of education would be appropriate. So that pretty much backs up what he is saying in his comment on this blog. Scottie can correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think I’m wrong.

      You see, this is why I have fallen out with damn near every white blogger that I have ever followed because they are ‘with us’, but up to a certain point and that point being, if Black people are ever on par with them on a socioeconomic level. They don’t want the playing field leveled because there goes their ‘white supremacy’ and that is why every single time Black people have ever done extremely well for ourselves, as in building The Black Wall Street, having our own cities and towns and movements, whites have either infiltrated the movements and arrested or murdered everyone involved or has burned to the ground our hospitals, banks, stores and everything in sight which is what was done to The Black Wall Street. Whites are afraid of no other group on this planet than they are of us and the reason they are afraid is exactly what the young lady said in one of her videos. She said, “Whites will cross the street when seeing us coming because they’re like, ‘why haven’t they beat the shit out of us?” Because that’s what they have been doing to us and so much worse. We are not like them. We have never been like them. But whites are so depraved and psychopathic, they can’t even reason that their asses have not been touched by us in ALL these hundreds of years that they have been severely kicking our asses. They deserve their ass kicked AND how! And if it were up to me, their asses would be kicked straight into the damn sun!

      Whites will welcome Black people from African countries over here because believe me, there are probably millions of Africans who have immigrated here from different regions of Africa and also Blacks from the islands and the reason whites don’t mind having them over here is because they don’t fear them because they feel as though they weren’t dragged here and fucked up by them and so why should they want to do to them what whites do to us every single day? Whites also make sure that those Black-skinned immigrants make out better than we do and believe me they do. Every group that ‘immigrates’ over here makes out better than we do and that is why I published a piece on my blog detailing the fact that who do you see sitting all up in homeless encampments? American descendants of slaves. You don’t see no Pakistanis, Asians, Russians, those Hindus from India or Africans who have immigrated. Hell! You don’t even see those who have immigrated here from the islands. All you see are mostly ADOS and a few drugged out, drunken whites who have basically been thrown under the bus by other whites since they are deemed, poor white trash.

      As we have said before, “Nothing is done accidental like. Everything is done by design.”

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      1. Thank you, Shelby. I remember that blog. I just want to see if Scottie’s opinion on reparations has “evolved”. Shelby, they are not used to debating or facing ADOS like us. We are not afraid to DIE for our culture. We throw off their entire design and complex. Keep the fight!

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      2. Hello ShelbyCourtland. Do you not see the very bigotry you hate in the comment above. All whites are the devil oppressors that must be opposed. I have just responded on the idea of reparations, read it and tell me where I am wrong and I will discuss it. But basically money alone wont fix the problem of built in systemic racism. It can not because it don’t change the system. It can be part of it but it is not the total solution. If you want real equality then you must see we have to change the system that prevents certain people from raising in the economic system. As for your screed on what white people will accept I failed to under stand your point. However I will simply say if you think the racist white nationals would accept any POC regardless of where they are from you are wrong. They can not see past skin color and other factors do not interest them or enter their thoughts. Hugs


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