7 thoughts on “Longtime Congressman Elijah Cummings dies at 68 — WRBL

  1. I am sorry the man’s dead, but I have lived in Baltimore and most recently too and not only that, I am in and out of Baltimore, frequently and I can honestly say that I don’t know of one thing that Cummings did FOR Baltimore, not one. And secondly, of course he’s dead, since he received his ‘care’ at Johns Hopkins. That was to be expected and they most likely experimented on him first. He’s probably got some cells they can’t wait to profit off like they did with Ms. Henrietta Lacks.

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    1. Shelby, that’s the main reason why I post some articles as information/news only and leave my opinion out because I understand that I don’t have the backstories on every article I post. I know many visitors to my blog uses it as their main news source. BYW, I wouldn’t take a sick stray dog to John Hopkins or should I say JoHo. Rest In Power, Ms. Lacks.

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      1. I second that! And please don’t be upset with me, it just burns me up what the whites are doing to ADOS in Baltimore. That city will always be near and dear to my heart and she deserves better than what she’s getting.

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