Little Known Black History Fact: 1921 Tulsa Race Riots — Black America Web

The 1921 destruction of Tulsa, Okla.’s “Black Wall Street” district, also known as the “Tulsa Race Riot,” remains one of the most explosive racial incidents of the early 20th Century. 520 more words

Little Known Black History Fact: 1921 Tulsa Race Riots — Black America Web

14 thoughts on “Little Known Black History Fact: 1921 Tulsa Race Riots — Black America Web

  1. Never forget Black Wall Street. I didn’t know about this until a few years ago. I saw the documentary Hate Crimes in the Heartland and that really hit me when it came to that event. My heart sank when I saw the three remaining survivors at the time tell their stories. When that woman said that her mom told her that “Your country is shooting at you!” When describing those murderers wearing American flags while killing Black people, I freaking bawled my eyes out. Not to mention that air raid was the first airstrike on US soil when Black Wall Street was bombed, not Pearl Harbor.

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  2. I watched Hate Crimes in the Heartland at public viewing that included a panel discussion. The director, Rachel Lyon, was on that panel. Lyon also tied in that event of 1921 with the crimes against Blacks to this day.

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      1. Definitely. It really opened my eyes and I thought it was amazing how they got the survivors and people who knew about Tulsa’s history in that documentary. They find parallels with that crime then and with the crimes going on now (in the documentary, it was the Good Friday Murders). It was one of the better docs I’ve seen in years. There’s also another documentary about Black Wall Street called Before They Die, that I want to watch, too.

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  3. The larger the crime, the lesser is it known. This is a deliberate coverup intended to whitewash the daily crimes of polite white society — and every history book K-12. It’s also very, very seldom taught at universities in my experience.

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    1. “The larger the crime, the lesser it is known.”

      That’s a powerful quote and I agree. I went through university and never heard anything about this despite taking two history courses as gen-eds. That says a lot about this country. No wonder I’ve been finding out atrocities like this one, The Devil’s Punchbowl, the Congolese Genocide, the Namibian Genocide, and then some by myself instead of a class. These things need to be taught.

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      1. Everyone knows of George Santayana’s aphorism: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” It sounds wise, but it presumes that history books accurately recount the facts of the past. So I propose that Santayana plays into the hands of the white-supremacist system that deliberately whitewashes every word until everyone parrots each Big Lie as conventional wisdom. Whitewash gets slathered until every citizen believes their propaganda in a proper Orwellian fashion. No one questions:
        “Everybody knows that — insert lie here —… Weren’t you paying attention in history class?”

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      2. Bill, that is why I warn my readers to not come on my blog trying to justify your “facts” with some bullshit literature that was meant to oppress me. Hence, HIStory. Another ovation, Bill.

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      3. Thank you for the kind ovation, Kreb. Whitewash has been slathered over with white patriarchal alibis so thick that it takes a jackhammer to break through and get to the unexpurgated truth. wHIteSTORY?

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