Opinion: Looking for the “Perfect” Candidate to Beat Trump Means Trump Has Already Won

There are more than enough democratic presidential candidates running to represent the democratic party for the 2020 presidential election. I’ve looked at them all and their polices. Of the ump-teen of them, I personally think Julian Castro is the best and strongest candidate.

That said, Julian Castro may be the strongest candidate in my book, but to my knowledge, none of the other candidates are open racists, misogynistic, xenophobic, self-confessed criminals, narcissist, low IQ, low EQ, adulterer, Neanderthals. For all the pundits, talking heads, and so-called journalist to spew day in and day out that it’s hard for them to see how any of these candidates could go toe-to-toe on stage with Trump is very telling.

It is no secret that Trump is one of the stupidest adults over 70 years old on the planet. This man knows very little about government and even less about policy. If the presidential debates between Trump and the democratic nominee isn’t about policy: from domestic, to foreign, to military, to environmental, etc., then what the hell are they on stage debating. So, if the media and pundits are very aware that Trump knows nothing about policy, then why can’t they see any of these very polished politicians going toe-to-toe with Trump on stage?

The propaganda machine known as mainstream media already plan on not making the general election presidential debates about policy at all. The plan is to make them a reality show automatically giving Trump the edge. Trump has put millions of dollars in network and cable executives’ pockets over the past four years and they have gotten used to having that extra money now (including Facebook and twitter). Think about it, Cory Booker is a freaking Rhodes Scholar U.S. Senator who happens to still live in a low-income community, supposedly he can’t go toe-to-toe with an old, senile, racist white Goober. Everybody keeps talking about who can excite the democrats. Really?

I believe America deserved Trump in 2016. If he is reelected in 2020, I believe America deserves Trump even more. Now, keep on trying to find someone who can “excite” the democrats. If you need to be “excited” to vote next year, fuck you and you deserve all the heartache that’s coming your way.

30 thoughts on “Opinion: Looking for the “Perfect” Candidate to Beat Trump Means Trump Has Already Won

  1. Interesting opinions. While I’m not too familiar with Julian Castro, I do agree that the notion of finding the so-called “perfect candidate is only carte blanche for Trump to be re-elected. If the Dems want to have some kind of advantage for the 2020 elections in all levels (not just the President), then they need to offer tangible policies to help the black community.

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  2. Julian Castro called in on The Clay Cane Show today (SiriusXM Urban View 126), a solid program that hit your points, Kreb. Ignoring *all* policy issues will absolutely result in a Trump victory. Blacks are *the* deciding voting bloc, yet abandoned the day after each election.

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    1. incredible. ive not tuned in to the ‘debates’ but this is the only candidate ive heard even address the police issue. id vote for him. sadly, my vote doesnt count. i live in rabid trump territory. overwhelmingly republican. i forget whether thats red or blue.

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      1. Every sector of the economy is controlled by the white-supremacist system, every governmental agency, police department, educational institution, financial arm, prison administration, military department, munition dealer, media conglomerate… Token fools like Ben Carson are tools of that system. Colin Powell followed orders to present doctored evidence of weapons in Iraq, he knew it was a sham. Obama followed the system’s directives. It has been this way since 1519. 400 years and counting.

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  3. Trump has already won. If he doesn’t drop dead, he will win. And this circus of an impeachment inquiry is just too ridiculous for words! The Dems are grasping at straws and as usual, coming up looking dumb as hell. The problem the Dems are also having is just look at who the presidential contenders are! It’s not so much as someone to get excited over as there is the problem of seeing the very same faces that were marched out almost four years ago. They are already the ‘status quo’ and we know they ain’t about shit! I throw my hands up!

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    1. absolutely. when these a-holes get into office they govern just like republicans. honestly theres not a whole lot of difference between obamas policies and trumps. remember how this sob tried to cut social security?

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      1. I remember. His ass won’t ever need it, but he certainly couldn’t give two flying turds for the poor seniors who’ve worked all their lives and depend on that program THEY PAID FOR! I hate ALL politicians; Black, white, ‘other’; it makes no damn difference. We are ALL screwed regardless of who sits their debased, privileged ass inside the Oval Office.

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      2. what boggles my mind though, Shelby, is most black people remained fooled. they think this motherfucker was great. if he could run again, they’d vote for him again. for me, it was fool me once, i not voting for your ass again. for them its fool me once, fool me forever. thats dangerous. thats why a significant portion of my blog is dedicated to denouncing him.

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      3. I’m glad someone else is denouncing him. I have as well, many, many times. Black folks are easily bamboozled. That’s why the state of Black Amerikkka is what it is. Obama’s background is NOT even OUR background and so why we even thought he’d give a shit about us is on us because he damn sure did NOT! But you’re right, I’ll NOT be fooled AGAIN!

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      4. Kreb, Obama is in a multi-million dollar mansion in Washington, D.C. and you know, the whites have gentrified the hell out of D.C. There are hardly any Black folks living there now because they have all been pushed out to make way for rich whites. Not to mention, the Obamas also have a mansion on Martha’s Vineyard. I stated years ago that his filthy, debased ass would never head back to Chicago after exiting the White House, but I am sure that I was not the only one to see that coming.

        ADOS have NO friends since as you can see, even those with melanin in their skin ain’t our friend.

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      5. lessee if i can write some poetry.

        S’Obamage and the slithy trolls
        Did scribe and bloviate the wabe.
        All spastic were the asserholes
        And bum raps outgrabe.

        hmm… i dont know.

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  4. amen. these dem assholes govern just like republicans once they get in office. clinton. obama. theres not a whole lot of difference between obama and trump. remember how this asshole was deporter in chief before trump and how this asshole tried to cut social security?

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