Disturbingly Racist Moments in Cartoons — Mosi-Blog

The point of our video is not to promote racism or to make fun of this issue, but to show how pervasive and institutionalized racism was in our culture just a short time ago.

Disturbingly Racist Moments in Cartoons — Mosi-Blog

This wasn’t that long ago. Now it’s a little more subtle.

14 thoughts on “Disturbingly Racist Moments in Cartoons — Mosi-Blog

  1. I saw the original post which was a sad display of everything that happened then, but you’re right that it’s more subtle now. You might want to check the video link since it wasn’t working on your reblog. I’ll add more examples of racist cartoon characters to prove your point.

    -That one African stereotype in one of The Reluctant Dragon shorts

    -The Siamese Cats in Lady & the Tramp

    -Tito from Oliver & Company

    -Mr. Popo from Dragon Ball Z

    -Jynx from Pokemon

    -Pyunma/009 from Cyborg 009 before they redesigned his character in the 00s and beyond

    -The hyenas from The Lion King

    -Chocolove from Shaman King

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      1. Thanks for providing this venue, Kreb. Understanding ADOS as a distinct and coherent people is right on the mark. White supremacism is an evil that seeks to justify crimes of genocide, slavery, and what I call self-whiteousness. Asking its victims to forgive and forget, to suddenly declare that it’s all even now, unilaterally declaring an even playing ground, where the playing ground covers the carcasses of its countless innocent victims: past, present, and future.

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      2. Thanks for the kind compliment, Kreb. The most self-righteous, self-centered, and self-entitled people don’t just happen to be white: they cast every aspect of existence in their own image, in a biblically ordained manner. Both judaic and christian monotheistic believers are referenced in the quran as “people of the book.” They share the same basic text and have designed their enduring traditions in the same continent: Europe, where right is white.

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