Opinion: Is It Really New Years Day

Some of you may have read my piece last March about April Fools Day. If you believe the new year begins on January 1st, you really need to read this piece. I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer, but some of these Western World lies needs to stop. Some of these lies just plainly and naturally don’t make any sense. Have a great year, no matter when you believe it starts.

7 thoughts on “Opinion: Is It Really New Years Day

  1. I read your previous article just now. I knew there were weird things about the Gregorian Calendar, but I wasn’t aware of the new year originally being in April before they switched up the dates. So instead of Happy New Year on 1/1, should I just say Happy January 1st then?

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  2. I heard someone else say the same thing today. What you say is true and makes sense. But then, whites would celebrate a ‘new year’ when things have died because they do the killing. It’s ‘their’ celebrating what they do best and their damn hellidaze celebrate their killing as in killing live ‘Christmas’ trees for one day of sticking expensive gifts underneath it after someone has maxed out their credit cards in trying to outdo each other in spending.

    Whites are nothing but death; just look at what they are doing to the world. And since they have damn near destroyed this world with their toxic shit, it makes sense for those evil devils to celebrate ‘THEIR’ hellidaze when shit’s dead. And look at what’s going down in Australia. I am just sorry for the animals that are burning up and I am also sorry if any Aborigines are burning up, but to hell with those usurpers that are direct descendants of goddamn convicts. I wouldn’t shed one blasted tear for those racists!

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