China Is Not In Africa For Charity, But To Control Its Resources — Nappy Newz

Key point: China is in Africa now not to advance Maoism, but to control its resources, people, and potential. Africa is on the cusp of a new period in its history, its renaissance. Freed from centuries of colonialism and neo-imperialism, Africa has the opportunity to become a center of economic might to provide prosperity to the […]

China Is Not In Africa For Charity, But To Control Its Resources — Nappy Newz

6 thoughts on “China Is Not In Africa For Charity, But To Control Its Resources — Nappy Newz

  1. Asians, Caucasians; they are all the same parasites. If you see either coming, get your weapons because they’re coming to steal and kill. It’s their calling card. Neither is to ever be trusted. And believe me, I don’t know why so many Black women hand over their hard-earned money to these Asians for weave hair and wigs and not to mention, how they’ve set up shop ALL up in Black neighborhoods in Baltimore. Why aren’t they selling shit aimed at whites??!!

    And so no, I am not surprised that they are doing the same to Africa only on a larger scale. What is wrong with the Africans that they let those ‘things’ come in and snatch Africa’s riches and resources for their own use??!!!

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  2. I’ve been hearing more of those cases thanks to the Kenyan YouTuber Dr. Mumbi Seraki. This is going on in several countries like how some Chinese businessmen assaulted Ugandan politicians, gunning down Namibians, buying out major media companies in Zambia, opening up their own police stations that follow Chinese laws in South Africa, and sending Kenyans plastic rice and the Kenyans got rightfully outraged against this callous form of “charity”. Africa didn’t deserve this and they better stand up harder against China for trying to colonize them.

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      1. Of course. I saw some of it years ago like a college classmate from Hong Kong who was super rude to me, but I didn’t realize China was grasping onto multiple African nations until the past couple of years by seeing these videos and whatnot. Pardon me parodying who’s in the Oval Office, but one can make a strong case that China isn’t sending their best by bringing drugs, crime, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there are rapists in Africa’s midst.


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