One 6-Piece From Sanity: How Weight Is Weaponized Against Black Women — BlackDoctor

My entire life I have battled my impulse of whether or not to eat a 6-piece fried hard or kale. It has been a long, drawn-out, depressing, aggressive, evil battle. 165 more words

One 6-Piece From Sanity: How Weight Is Weaponized Against Black Women — BlackDoctor

4 thoughts on “One 6-Piece From Sanity: How Weight Is Weaponized Against Black Women — BlackDoctor

  1. Black bodies are subject to the dictates of whites. Even in our doctor’s offices, the BMI(Body Mass Index) is used according to stats of whites and Black people know that our bodies are different from whites in too many ways to count, thank goodness. We should not share the same stats table when it comes to defining who is too fat or too skinny.

    Black women in particular are told by their doctors that they are too heavy when in reality, our bodies are prone to voluptuousness. White female parasites have to undergo surgeries and injections to try and mimic Black women. This to me is still NOT flattery. I’m not fooled by any of their shenanigans.

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    1. You are so right, Shelby. In fact, I speak on the white standards of medicine quite often. However, I post these articles because I witness too many of our people eating greasy western foods and it’s killing our people. Thanks for your insight.

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  2. Oh I understand why you post these articles because you know that I have tried to do my part by posting healthy foods next to those that are completely unhealthy. I have exposed the Mukbang community on Youtube that showcases multitudes of ADOS sitting somewhere shoveling truckloads of unhealthy foods into their mouths and can you believe it, sometimes you actually get through to some people. I have received comments and videos thanking me for exposing that shit and several of those depicted in that post, “So Called ‘Humans’ Will Do Anything For Money,” has ceased that shit, some because they realized the health consequences and some because they realized just how ridiculous they look.

    You have no idea how much good you may be doing when you post what you do Kreb and so, please, by all means, keep it up!

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    1. Thanks, Shelby. Any yes, I will never forget when you posted those people stuffing their bodies with “truckloads” of garbage. I had no idea it was a thing. Thanks for partnering in the efforts to keep our peoples’ minds and bodies healthy.

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