2 thoughts on “3 Steps To Protect Your Mental Health After Traumatic News — BlackDoctor

  1. Don’t take this the wrong way Kreb because I mean no harm, but I have enough personal trauma and tragedy that I don’t even have time to consider others whom I’ve never met. Try having to deal with someone, day after day, who has mental illness so severe that he’s jumped in front of a train, only to survive that, and then a mere three months later, gets shot multiple times by cops and then a mere year later, gets re-shot and then suffers a heart attack from all the mental meds he’s been given and that makes some of these news stories about tragedies, pale in comparison. And being the only one in the family, as always’ who steps up to the plate to ‘care’ for people who are tore up from the floor up and I probably need some meds. Seriously!

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    1. Shelby, I don’t take it wrong at all. You know I am aware of your trials and tribulations and fully understand that you simply don’t have a lot of room in your spirit to fit other people’s grief. Stay strong, sister.

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