Opinion: GiGi Was Supposed To Be On That Helicopter With Her Dad

As sad and untimely as Gianna Bryant’s death was, if that thirteen-year-old girl had not been on that helicopter and expired with her father, I believe the quality of her life may not have been worth living in her eyes.

I have largely stayed away from commenting on this Kobe Bryant tragedy. I’m doing what I usually do. I’m sitting back waiting on the mainstream media to find a way to vilify this famous Black man in his death, while also waiting on many regular white people, along with too many self-hating negroes, to spew their hatred (mainly on the internet) of the fact that the powerful Black man and his daughter are being memorialized in the media, while their white friends are too ignored for their liking. That is a very uncomfortable and unfamiliar place for many whites. Don’t worry, the media will here you loudly and clearly and begin to blame Mr. Bryant for the deaths of all onboard. That being said, I have largely stayed away from this topic; however, the father daughter storyline personally broke me for a few hours.

As a man of daughters only, when the news broke that Kobe’s daughter was on board with him, my heart dropped deep in the pit of my gut. All you ever want to do is protect them. I learned as an educator and mentor in some of the most disadvantaged neighborhoods in the country, that there are a lot of Black fathers in the “hood” loving their daughters just like Kobe appeared to love his daughters- but without the resources. I also taught in more privileged neighborhoods and the love and patience from fathers to children didn’t even come close to what I saw in the “hood”. Don’t believe neither of the bs images or narratives you see in media about white fatherhood and Black fatherhood. Again, Gigi was supposed to be on that helicopter with her dad. Lastly, as a father of girls or boys, I want to believe so, so much that Kobe held Gigi until the very end as well the parents of the Gigi’s friend.

8 thoughts on “Opinion: GiGi Was Supposed To Be On That Helicopter With Her Dad

  1. A powerful statement, Kreb. I have no time for the hacks who can’t wait to “explain” this tragedy as contributing to some overarching narrative or agenda, particularly one that aims to denigrate blacks to fit the white-supremacist status quo, a status quo that is overwhelmingly loaded on behalf of one demographic side. Cognitive dissonance kicks in surely and predictably.
    All the fractal possibilities that might have led Gigi to be *anywhere* else snapped shut, never to be altered. I like the way you have explained their simultaneous presence together, that “Gigi was supposed to be on that helicopter with her dad.”

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    1. Bill, I’m so glad you understand my statement. I knew before I published this that many would question why I spoke about race in such a sensitive piece. I believe you understood that I spoke on it because you understand that racializing this tragedy is inevitable by whites. This wasn’t the easiest opinion piece for me to publish, Bill. I thank you for chiming in and understanding, my friend.

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      1. Thanks so much, Kreb. You spoke from the heart and your thoughts ring true — heart *and* soul I would also add. Synchronicity is something that the mind tries to rationalize as mere coincidence, the heart and soul know the difference — also in relation to the evil in an unquestioned obeisance to Western Civilization and its dark racist crimes.

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  2. This opinion piece never did show up on my ‘Reader’. The only reason I know of its existence is because I just commented on a Root article you blogged about.

    I wish that I could say that I understand it, but coming from my background, I don’t because my father was no father and I don’t know anything about father/daughter relationships being special as I see it is supposed to be. Yes, I have heard that father’s have special relationships with their daughters, I just never had that. As you know, I had no relationship or bond with either of my parents and to this day, with my mother being alive, I still don’t. I hate to say this, but in all my years on this earth, I don’t even think that I know what love is. What I do for my cousin is because I have always been a person who cannot stand to see others taken advantage of and fed to this system where whites continue to do more harm than good. I stepped up to the plate for my father when no one else would since I took care of him when he was dying from cancer since my mother claimed hysterics and got on with her life. I have always been the ‘go to’ person for assistance for everyone in this godforsaken family of mine who is either tore up or who are about to drop dead. And believe it or not, the vast majority of my relatives live in this burg. Only about 15 or so live elsewhere and since I have been back here, I have only seen two of my relatives.

    Maybe this comment does not fit in with this post, but we do support one another and I wanted you to know that I did read this and I am so glad to know that a father/daughter relationship is not supposed to be what mine was. Thank goodness.

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    1. Shelby, your comment fits just fine. I know and understand your struggles with your parents. Anyone who does should also understand why you can’t relate to the raw sadness of tragedies like this. With that said, no mistake was made with you. You are who you are today because of your entire history and had you not had your exact history, I believe that there would be no one out there helping your cousin. Bless you.

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