Opinion: America- A Real-Life “Gangsta’s Paradise”

From Goodfellas to The Godfather to The Untouchables, Americans love a good ole gangster movie. In fact, gangster movies are one of the most popular movie genres in America. The theme of most of these movies are a single white man or a white family, holding a lot of power and money, with a whole lot of minions (that they care very little about) keeping them very powerful and very rich.

I have believed for a very long time that many white people in America who lives below the Mason Dixon Line have fantasized about being a slave plantation owner with hundreds of slaves providing them endless power and fortune. Similarly, I have believed for a very long time that many white people in America who lives above the Mason Dixon Line have fantasized about being a mob boss with hundreds of minions providing them endless power and fortune as well.

Black people, and many other melanin-rich people, can’t figure out why in hell does Trump has such large approval numbers with white Americans. I have come to believe that these fantasies held by so many white people are a big reason why. I think watching a real-life gangster movie being played out in the actual American white house is better than having a sexual orgasm for most American whites. Not only is Trump fulfilling their fantasies, he cleverly makes them see themselves in his featured role or in the role of one of his endless minions (kind of like movie extras).

Complete with a nude model First Lady (with tit and ass pics easily found all over the internet), the Trump white house is showing the world that America is truly a Gangsta’s Paradise. Mob Boss Trump may have not shot anybody yet, but he told the world that if he did (“shot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue”), he wouldn’t lose any support from his followers (very low-level minions). So many whites in America are obsessed with the way Trump denigrates anybody that badmouths him, how he calls women “nasty”, how he unapologetically practices nepotism, how he publicly obsesses over the physical features of his blonde daughter, how he openly communicates to them (his low-level minions) without any fear of what those Blacks and other darkies may think, how he openly commits felonies without any fear of accountability, etc.

Yes, white Americans are enjoying watching their real-life gangster movie playing on-location at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on the world’s largest silver screen; and so many of them feel that they have a part in this movie- no matter how small it is. For this reason, they are going to do everything they can this November to ensure that there’s a sequel to this movie. In fact, they may change the rules so that there’s a Part III or more. This is AmeriKKKa.

17 thoughts on “Opinion: America- A Real-Life “Gangsta’s Paradise”

  1. This is an apt metaphor for the country. I’ve noticed how white America goes gaga over gangster/mob flicks and shows. It’s because they want to be these criminals. They also try to make these gangsters and their families sympathetic even when they do horrible things. Now what would the reaction be if someone like a Don Corleone or a Tony Soprano were black?

    You have credence in your beliefs. In Illinois, you see Al Capone’s name all over the place in different restaurants or random places. I’ve even been to Fox Lake which is a upper-middle class Northern suburb of Chicago. Besides it having a bit of a harbor town vibe, Al Capone had a house in that town and everyone who’s from there knows that. Side note: it’s also the same place where that cop known as GI Joe killed himself while trying to blame black people for shooting him after he was embezzling funds.

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    1. Going gaga is exactly where they go, Ospreyshire. I have deliberately avoided watching a single Godfather film, a single episode of the Sopranos because I knew what their audiences craved, at least secretly. Actually, I have not watched TV with *any* regularity since 1969 and have been known to walk out of a cinema when the fawning to an audience became unbearably cloying. I have not seen Apocalypse Now because I already knew that it was not anti-war, that it played to a nihilist and decadent sensibility. In 1975 I actually hoped that the American Empire might have learned a single thing, following the melanin-less color bar at any significant level of authority only relayed just how whitely the supremacism would dominate. And indeed, GI Joe *is* a true measure of Amerikkkan family values.

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      1. Bill, I have so much respect for your disciplined protest to TV and cinema. One of the most obvious reasons for your intolerance with it all is your awe-inspiring intelligence.

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      2. Kreb, that is the greatest compliment I’ve ever received. Quite seriously. My ability to walk into a room and to thereby clear it of occupants is the normal reaction. Learning multiple languages helps me considerably. German is my more studied tongue, but it is a companion of the European empires that have so effectively raped and plundered every available culture in their wake. Arabic is thoroughly alien to the Proto Indo European languages that share mutual-admiration societies — including Israel, a de facto European colonizer that takes its racism seriously. Presently taking intensive Arabic classes at a local mosque (masjid), a place where I find much-needed respite. Arabic language makes Latin-based writing systems look like Roman numerals — aptly 🙂

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      3. Of course. I don’t blame you for avoiding shows or movies like that. You could even apply this to other media like Breaking Bad or even that Joker movie (side note: Joaquin Phoenix won an Oscar for playing that character. What does that say about our society?) where it humanizes villainous characters especially since they got the complexion for the protection. Even though I still watch movies, I avoid a ton of the mainstream stuff as much as I can. I applaud you for having a greater willpower than me in that regard (regardless of me having a media/film background in my university years). Good call about white supremacy. I’m glad there are people like you willing to call out racists and the systemic bigotry at large.

        Oh, yeah. That’s true about that Fox Lake cop. When that situation happened, they stopped all regular programming to show his funeral in Antioch (a town really close to Fox Lake on the IL/WI border) on live TV and blamed BLM. Once people found out it was all a ruse, there were CRICKETS in the mainstream media after realizing that the two black people who gunned “GI Joe” down didn’t exist. Also, Fox Lake has a 0.78% black population in the town, so that should tell you something. I’ve been to small rural towns with a higher percentage of black and other nonwhite ethnic groups compared to that suburb.

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    2. These “based on actual events” movies are about what most whites in america crave: power, status, and money. These movies are also littered with “white-on-white” crime (but they ignore that or maybe they’re just oblivious to it).

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      1. Well said, Kreb! It’s manifest destiny in blockbuster form! It’s obviously white-on-white crime, but it’s excusable in their eyes (much to our chagrin) and that’s saying nothing that what they do is textbook protagonist centered morality. That’s not anti-hero characterization. That’s villainous characterization. The only reason why these characters get away with doing horrible things is because they are the “good guys” in their stories (I use that term extremely loosely). Sorry for unleashing my inner author and film critic in me, but I hope you still appreciate those viewpoints.

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      2. Will do. Haha! Since we were talking about movies and TV, those aspects of my knowledge just happened to pop up. All of this adds to my point I’ve mentioned on other comments and posts about how there’s inverted morality in this society and these programs enable that. It’s where good is evil and evil is good.

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  2. You’ve landed this with dead certainty, Kreb. He delivers every word he tweets, spews, and gestures to that very identity/identification. His intent mirrors off each face, at each rally, at each reality-TV moment. Trump has never deviated from his white-supremacist mission statement, never conveyed any hint of equivocation, any variation from his constantly repeated bullet points — literally when it comes to shooting someone on Fifth Avenue and getting away with it. The gangsta massages the racist message with a finesse that drops ’em dead from the full authority of his brutal bully pulpit. It is never a free and open town-square gathering of the citizenry, it’s the lynch boss speaking to the rabid.

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  3. Great piece! But come on Kreb, you know who the real gangstas are; they’re us American descendants of slaves. We are the big, bad bogeymen who, like Joe Biden said, will bust his mother upside the head and yank the pearls from around her neck. We are the ones who need to be incarcerated away by the millions; kept away from all the GOOD WHITE GANGSTAS. According to Michael Bloomberg, Black men need to be stopped and frisked while the GOOD WHITE GANGSTAS continue to get away with doing their dirty shit. The whites like Trump, Biden, the Clintons, Bloomberg and so on have defined who the real and true gangstas are; they are folks who were dragged to these shores and made to slave away from dawn til dusk and their progeny to this day must either be locked up because the GOOD WHITE GANGSTAS say so or shot dead on these mean streets by the GOOD WHITE GANGSTAS hit men. Everything the GOOD WHITE GANGSTAS do is essentially, humanitarian. Why, bombing people is a good thing. Drone striking wedding parties in foreign lands is a good thing. Destroying the safety net for millions of poverty stricken, low wage workers is a good thing. Racism is a good thing according to the GOOD WHITE GANGSTAS. Jim Crow was a good thing. Slavery was a good thing. Bombing the MOVE headquarters was a good thing. Burning down Rosewood was a good thing. Burning down The Black Wall Street was a good thing. As long as that shit is being done to us, it’s all good in this here white gangsta’s paradise.

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