Sambo Be Damned! Black Fashion Model Refused to Wear ‘Racist’ Accessories at Fashion Institute of Technology Show — The Root

The trashion fashion world is still about that bullshit!Read more…

Sambo Be Damned! Black Fashion Model Refused to Wear ‘Racist’ Accessories at Fashion Institute of Technology Show — The Root

14 thoughts on “Sambo Be Damned! Black Fashion Model Refused to Wear ‘Racist’ Accessories at Fashion Institute of Technology Show — The Root

  1. Oh, wow! That’s so offensive on several levels. I’m glad that model stood up for herself against that bigoted Chinese fashion designer. I don’t buy that he didn’t know about the racist implications of those accessories. It’s Gucci, Prada, and H&M all over again, but on the runway.

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      1. Sure and I don’t dispute that. There’s no way he can play dumb. In China, there is a museum that has an exhibit that puts pictures of various monkeys and apes right next to pictures of Black people. That’s right about how ADOS culture and stereotypes are studied all over the world. I wonder how that fashion designer would feel if there was some exhibit with accessories such as some jewel-studded rice farmer hat, models sport yellowface, or have grills that look like giant buck teeth. No, I don’t condone incorporating racial stereotypes and was speaking hypothetically, but I’m sure he’d be fuming mad if he saw that going down.

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      2. ospreyshire, that is why it is so hard sometimes for me to have sympathy when other peoples have very bad things happens to them as a group. I bet you China wouldn’t turn down a Coronavirus vaccine invented by a ADOS right about now.

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      3. I can see where you’re coming from with that and I’ve been feeling the same gradually over the past year or so, to be honest. They certainly wouldn’t if that was the case with some type of vaccine or medicine.

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  2. “However provocative design and fashion might be though, my commitment to ensure that people are not made to feel uncomfortable, offended, or intimidated is also of the utmost importance not only to me personally but to the college community as well. We take this obligation very, very seriously and will investigate and take appropriate action regarding any complaint or concern that is made in this situation.”

    Self-whiteousness in action. They hide behind a First-Amendment facade that forces the basest behaviors to justify clearly racist behavior as cloaked in holy robes like Klan-wear. They push the buttons with their fist, then stand back and fashion themselves as defenders to American (Amerikkkan) values of free speech. The same ones who are appalled when showing their white-supremacist sensibilities. Art aficionados showing their true color.

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  3. From the article:

    “The designs were created by Junkai Huang, a recent FIT graduate.

    The native of China did not appear to understand the racial overtones of his work.”

    Oh, he understood, alright! The Chinese are well known for this shit and that is why I find it appalling and downright disgusting that the Chinese have damn near overtaken Africa. To me, it is fitting that they are sitting somewhere giving each other the coronavirus and what’s more, they are not going to be able to get rid of it as quickly as they did SARS. And they have the nerve to make fun of Black people when they will eat shit that mutates and spreads from animals to ‘human’s and has the potential to turn into a pandemic. Why didn’t that Chinese bastard ‘drape’ the models in what the coronavirus looks like under a microscope. I have long since dismissed ANY and ALL sympathies that I may at one point in time have harbored for any other group besides ours because ADOS have NO friends; worldwide, ADOS have NO friends! And we need to act like we don’t. What’s ‘mucking’ those Chinese up over there is nothing to me and I state that unequivocally.

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