The State of African Americans 2020 Vision

It is time we take back our identity. Great piece.

The Native Black American

The State of Black America is a disaster. One problem not to be taken lightly is the majority of Black Americans don’t want to accept their lineage. American Descendants of Slavery (Native Black Americans) sway back and forth with a part of them in Africa and the other physically living the reality of being an American. For them, the wounds of slavery are still fresh as they live out daily acts of racism that are manufactured into the structure of American life. For this bottom caste stability in life has been merely an aspiration primarily because their group has yet to name and identify themselves for themselves.

Although being in America long before there was the United States of America this group of Black Americans has mistakenly allowed even the newest citizens with the ink still drying on their citizenship papers to control their narratives. Have you ever seen a…

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2 thoughts on “The State of African Americans 2020 Vision

  1. A complex issue, Kreb. I strive daily to understand its roots and manifestations across time. A blog post by a white, male American blogger, claiming that he has never met an evil person, reminded me that we live in different worlds based on our gender and skin color.

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    1. I think it’s fairly simple, Rosaliene. They know to call another white person racist or to recognize white privilege (no matter how blatant they show up), is to acknowledge white supremacy system that so benefits them.

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