White Media Is Using Transgender Murders as a Distraction

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The Chynal Lindsey murder was horrible.  Whoever did it needs to be severely punished.

The murder of Muhlaysia Booker is disgusting. The individual(s) who is/are responsible deserve to be punished to the fullest degree, no doubt about it.

The killing of Brittany White was horrific, and whatever evil and demented psycho who committed the crime deserves to be punished with life in prison and nothing short of it.

You know what, though, Timothy Loehmann deserves to be punished with life in prison for killing 12-year-old Tamir Rice.  But, instead, he wasn’t even indicted for taking the life of a child, for merely playing with a toy gun in an open-carry state.

Carolyn Bryant who lied about a child wolf-whistling her, with the intentional motive of getting 14-year-old Emmett Till harmed (because white supremacists live for the mistreatment of black people) is still walking around free as a bird.  She was…

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Brazil is a Killing Field for Young Black Men


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Two Georgia Students Arrested After Plotting To Kill Black And Disabled Students At Their High School

Two Georgia Students Arrested After Plotting To Kill Black And Disabled Students At Their High School http://blavity.com/two-georgia-students-arrested-after-plotting-to-kill-black-and-disabled-students-at-their-high-school — Read on blavity.com/two-georgia-students-arrested-after-plotting-to-kill-black-and-disabled-students-at-their-high-school

Measles Vaccine Kills Far More Children Than The Measles Itself; So, Why Is It Being Pushed On Us?

The Most Revolutionary Act

With all of the hysteria and fear-mongering about measles that’s sweeping mainstream media headlines these days, one might assume that children everywhere are dropping dead from this chickenpox-like infection. But according to official data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), not a single person has died while being infected with measles in more than 15 years.

On the other hand, it’s an undeniable fact that at least 100 people have died as a consequence of receiving the MMR vaccine for measles, mumps, and rubella, which we’ve all been told by government health authorities, is supposed to protect against measles […]

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Are You Sure You have Nothing to Hide?

The Most Revolutionary Act

Nothing to Hide

Directed by Mark Meillassoux (2017)

Film Review

This documentary, featuring NSA whistleblowers Williman Binney, Thomas Drake and Edward Snowden, challenges the dismissive attitude (Who cares? I have nothing to hide) of many Smartphone and Internet users towards government agencies and corporations that collect all their personal data.

Binney, Drake and Snowden maintain everyone has something to hide. For example, health information collected by dating sites and sold to insurance and pharmaceutical companies. And the 60% of us who engage in minor lawbreaking. And all the free speech activities (following the Christchurch shooting, New Zealand is a prime example) that used to be legal but are illegal now.

Binney and Drake are particularly concerned about all the data governments collect on us – allegedly to protect us against terrorism. Even though mass surveillance hasn’t prevented a single terrorist act. Which is no surprise when you understand the true…

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The U.S. Is Tracking Migrant Girls’ Periods to Stop Them From Getting Abortions — Abortion – Abortion Clinics, Abortion Pill, Abortion Information

The Most Revolutionary Act

This is Some Really Weird Handmaiden Stuff
Illustration by Erin Lux

We still don’t know where 1,488 migrant children are. The U.S. government lost them. They admit as much. Even though the court ordered a halt to the policy of family separation, 245 more children have been taken from their parents. So they can’t figure out where children separated from their parents are, but by God, they can keep track of teenage migrant girls’ menstrual cycles.

There are 28 pages detailing the periods, pregnancies and reason for the pregnancy (whether by rape or not) of teen girls in custody, some of whom are as young as 12. There may well be reasons for the government to track whether or not a woman is pregnant, and how far along in her pregnancy she is, but there’s no reason to track the cause of her pregnancy. It’s pretty fair to…

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